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About Us

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The School of Welsh at Cardiff University is a dynamic and successful school, with research and teaching of the highest quality. Government assessments have acknowledged the excellence of our research, while the School has also been highly commended for the academic care it gives to its students.

The School of Welsh is one of the oldest departments of Welsh in Wales, and the oldest established Chair of Welsh is here in Cardiff. For over a century the department has contributed to the life and culture of Wales, and has produced eminent scholars and writers, including W. J. Gruffydd, G J Williams, A. O. H. Jarman and Saunders Lewis.

We offer a wide range of degree schemes, both full-time and part-time, with innovative and exciting modules. Our commitment to working with the local community is reflected in the work of our Welsh for Adults Centre, whose staff teach Welsh to over 1,700 adults in the Cardiff area. The School also hosts the Cardiff Centre for Welsh American Studies and the Language, Policy and Planning Research Unit.

Heightened awareness of the culture and language of Wales since devolution has further enhanced the prominent position of the School of Welsh in academia, government and society. Through our innovative and socially-relevant research, we are playing a key role in the development of Welsh in the 21st Century.

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