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Eco Champions become ECO’s!

The Eco champion network is being re-launched during Sustainability week to highlight some of the key changes to the role.  The Eco Champion network was set up 4 years ago to provide a network of interested volunteers across the University to take the environmental agenda forward.  Initially the role of the Eco Champion was largely related to improving energy efficiency and providing a contact point to disseminate environmental information throughout the organisation.

In the past 12 months the University has made significant progress in the area of environmental management, gaining accreditation to the International Environmental Management Standard ISO14001.  In addition to this the Eco Champion network coordination role has been transferred to OSHEU.  This has provided an opportunity to review the role of the Eco Champion and formalise it to bring it in line with the professional approach to environmental management and sustainability.  It has also been recommended that the name is changed to reflect this to Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO).  

The link below details the new ECO role that the individual will be expected to play within the School/College/Professional Service.  The strengthening of this role reflects the increased effort that will be required at School/College/Professional Service level to help the University maintain ISO14001.  

Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) Role profile

Two nominated ECO’s sit on the University Environmental Management Systems Steering Group to represent the network, they are Dr Clive Gregory – School of Medicine and Mrs Lara Hopkinson – School of Architecture.  

For further information on the ECO role, please contact: