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Our Performance

Aligning the University’s operations with the principles of sustainability can help us to increase our efficiencies, reduce our costs, and provide an environment within which the day-to-day experiences of students, staff and visitors reflect the University’s commitment to sustainable development.

The University's sustainability policies are published on this website.

Also available are the Facts and Figures relating to the University's carbon emissions over recent years.

The University has also received several awards and nominations recently for "exceptional initiatives", "leadership and innovation", "best practice" and "outstanding contribution to sustainable development".

Recent Initiatives

Some of our initiatives so far include:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard LogoImplementation of an Environmental Management System and certification to ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 across the University Campus;
  • Energy efficiency efforts in consultation with Cardiff University Students’ Union and with advice from the Carbon Trust;
  • Waste strategies that include office recycling schemes and responsible disposal guidelines;
  • Efforts to invest in the welfare and quality of life of people working within the University through investments in training and development; through the project and a range of policies relating to equality and diversity, work-life balance and health and safety;
  • The University has undertaken a transport survey to identify opportunities to reduce the climate impact of University-related travel;
  • Increasing procurement of local produce and Fairtrade produce through the University’s Residences and Catering Division, and a Nutrition Policy to raise awareness and actively promote healthy eating;
  • The establishment of a network of ‘ECOs (Environmental Compliance Officers) across the University's schools to promote sustainability initiatives.

We are currently working towards auditing and increasing our efficiencies of water and energy usage, recycling, green procurement, campus maintenance, and biodiversity. 

The University is also exploring the potential for alternative energy sources to meet its future energy needs with a reduced impact in terms of climate change.

Carbon Management Plan

The University is updating its Carbon Management Plan. The current Carbon Management Plan is linked on the right, and more information is available on the Carbon Management Plan page provided by the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit.

An Energy Initiatives Update is also given top right, which describes progress with these initiatives. 

Carbon Reduction against 2005/6 baseline (based on 2011/12 carbon factors)


 2005/6 2006/7 2007/8 2008/9 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12
Electricity 27,24226,87226,63727,29328,39228,02127,989
Gas 13,58711,99712,61012,70912,33612,14110,916
Total 40,829 38,869 39,247 40,002 40,728 40,162 38,905