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Extending your student visa through International Student Support

Tier 4 (General) student visa applications that are made in the UK must be submitted to the UK Border Agency using an online procedure. This involves completing and submitting your application form and making your payment online. When you have done this you will then need to submit your supporting documents to UKBA by post.

We have produced a guide which will help you to create an online account with UKBA and to complete the online application form. This is available to download here:

How to complete the Tier 4 Student online application form

How to extend your visa through ISS

ISS is based at the Student Support Centre and operates the “Student Batch Scheme” in conjunction with UKBA for student visa extension applications. We would strongly encourage you to send your application through this scheme so that ISS can support you through the application process.

A comprehensive booklet called “A guide to extending your student visa” is available to download here:

A guide to extending your student visa

This will give you the detailed information you will need in order to complete your visa application.

It is essential that you read this guide carefully before making your visa application.

You can also view our Tier 4 student visa video which explains what documents you will need for your visa application.

*Please note International Student Support have stopped printing the 'Guide to extending your Student Visa' hard copy booklet and it is not available for collection. Online versions of the booklet are available and they can be downloaded from this page. Please see the link in Step 1.    

Most applications are processed within 14 weeks from the date of posting, although it can take longer at busy times such as October or January, or if the UKBA make enquiries.

We strongly advise you not to book any travel until your documents are returned as we cannot guarantee how long the process will take.


Step by step guide to extending your visa through ISS

Step 1
ownload our booklet called A guide to extending your student visa


Step 2
Download our guide called How to complete the Tier 4 Student Online Application 


Step 3
Complete the Tier 4 Student Online application form as instructed in the leaflet. There are 12 sections to complete. Gather together all of the required supporting documents and take a photocopy of each document.

Step 4
Save your Tier 4 Student Online application form as a PDF document as instructed in the leaflet and then email it to as an attachment at least 4 weeks before your visa is due to expire. Please identify your email as “Tier 4 Student Online Application” in the subject box, and in the main body of your email please include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Your student ID number
  • The date your current visa will expire

Step 5
ISS will contact you within 5 working days to book an individual appointment for you to review your application with an International Student Adviser, and if it is complete to pay the visa fee and submit your application online and send your supporting documents to the UKBA. Please bring your supporting documents and photocopies with you to this appointment.


Is there a more urgent service?

You can make a premium in-person application at the UKBA Public Enquiry Office (PEO) in Cardiff. This costs £781 and your visa usually takes approximately 2 weeks to be issued from the day you give your biometric details at the PEO. If you wish to apply in this way you will still need to submit your application and pay the visa fee online. You will then be able to book an appointment at the UKBA  Public Enquiry Office to give your biometrics. Please download our guide called How to complete the Tier 4 Student Online Application.


My parents are providing financial support, is there a template letter that they could use?

If your parents are providing financial support you will need to submit additional documentation as outlined on page 8 of our guide. To assist you we have produced a template letter that your parents could complete: 


Don't forget that the letter must be signed and it must be an original document. Scanned copies, faxes or emails are not acceptable.