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SSRM Student Representatives (Reps)

The SSRM is committed to open communication and student engagement. The SSRM Office is looking for motivated students to take up the role of Student Representatives (Reps) for the MSc/Diploma programme. Student expression is vital to the growth and continuing success of this ESRC recognised programme. If you are compassionate and enthusiastic towards your studies and learning environment, why not sign up to be an SSRM Student Rep.

What Commitment Does Becoming a Student Representative Mean?

The SSRM holds Staff-Student panels approximately three times during each academic year. The Members of the Staff-Student panel are the Student Representatives, the Director of the Programme, plus SSRM academic and administrative staff.

The Student Representative's role is to give staff the students’ perspective and experience of the MSc/Diploma programme. The SSRM expect Student Representatives to channel comments received from their fellow students from across the academic schools and pathways (talking to people in the coffee breaks would be ideal). They can then bring this feedback, both positive and negative, and any ideas to our Staff/Student panel meetings. Student matters are the focus of the agenda and it is important to us that the student voice is heard.

The meeting is concerned with anything which affects the SSRM Programme.

Student Representative’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • To ensure that a student perspective is always considered
  • To attend and participate in meetings
  • Establishing yourself as a central point for information and guidance for students in your group
  • To raise students concerns / issues via the appropriate channels
  • To identify problems and to try to suggest solutions 
  • To collate student opinion
  • To motivate students by ensuring they have a voice

Try not to focus on the negative, positive feedback is also welcome. If the students are happy with the course, let the staff know that they are doing it right!

Through your role, you will gain important professional skills and by attending management meetings with a range of academics you will put friendly faces to names and this will also provide invaluable experience of academic administration. Not only is your contribution worthwhile; this attribute will look favourable on your CV!