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Qualitative Methodology and Methods

Cardiff University is recognised around the world for its contribution to qualitative methodology and methods. The Sage 2001 Handbook of Ethnography (edited by Atkinson, Coffey, Delamont, Lofland and Lofland) and the Sage journal Qualitative Research are just two examples of this. Further information on these publications can be found on the Sage Publications website.

The work of this group is documented in SOCSI Working Paper No 20. Delamont, Coffey, Atkinson and Burgess (2001) An Open Exploratory Spirit.

Current research projects in this area include the development of new multimedia ethnographies that exploit the capabilities of the Internet and information technology in community-based studies of industrial heritage.

Current Projects Include:


Sara Delamont

Current Research Interests

Women and Science, Medical Education, Subject Defence Groups

Recent Publications

Changing Women, Unchanged Men Open University Press 2001

Fieldwork in Educational Settings (second edition) Falmer 2002

In Press

Feminist Sociology Sage

Key Themes in Ethnography (with Atkinson and Coffey) Alta Mira

In Preparation

Building a Research Culture (with Atkinson)

Supervising the PhD (second edition, with Atkinson and Parry

Bella Dicks

Bella Dicks is working in the field of hypermedia and digital ethnography (alongside Bruce Mason , also a SKIP member)

Hypermedia, qualitative methodology and ethnography

Bella's other research interests are:

  • Heritage and cultural display
  • Identities of place and nation
  • Community, welfare and post-industrial identities