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School Ethics Officer

At the University’s request the Head of School has designated a School Ethics Officer responsible for the management of ethical issues in research in the School.

The School Ethics Officer (and also the Chair of the School Research Ethics Committee) is: Professor Tom Horlick-Jones.


Terms of Reference

The responsibilities of the School Ethics Officer are as follows:

  • ensuring that there are effective mechanisms to bring any policy, guidelines or procedures developed with or through the University Research Ethics Committee and the School Research Ethics Committee (SREC) to the attention of staff and students for whom the School is responsible. These mechanisms are intended to clarify that it is a University requirement that these policies, guidelines and procedures are followed;
  • keeping School ethical issues in research under review;
  • managing and monitoring the procedures in practice;
  • advising school staff with regard to research ethics issues (students should primarily be advised by their supervisor);
  • responding initially to any complaints that research is carried out that is either 1) not approved by the SREC, or 2) not conducted in conformity with the proposal approved by the SREC;
  • ensuring that appropriate records of applications, practices and decisions are made and kept;
  • reporting to the Head of School as appropriate;
  • reporting to the School through an appropriate forum;
  • reporting on an annual basis on behalf of the School to the University Research Ethics Committee;
  • conducting a three yearly review of School ethical procedures and reporting the outcome to the University Research Ethics Committee;
  • being eligible for membership of the University Research Ethics Committee which entails attending meetings of the University Research Ethics Committee and dealing with the work of that Committee.