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Research Ethics in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences

All members of the Cardiff School of Social Sciences carry a responsibility to consider the ethical implications and integrity of the scholarship and research they undertake. The School recognises, respects and encourages this responsibility, and provides a supportive research environment for the ethical practice of research.

In common with other Schools of the University, SOCSI is required to have a research ethics committee (the SREC), responsible for ensuring ethical research practice within the School. The SREC carries out this task by a combination of the provision of information, advice, and other measures to promote good practice, whilst operating a scheme that assesses all research by staff and students for ethical approval.

These pages contain information about the role and membership of SREC, details of the procedures for the ethical approval of research in the School, guidance for staff and students applying for ethical approval, information about data protection, useful examples of research proposals and documentation considered by SREC, and a number of links to relevant resources (including the ethical guidelines of different professional associations and research councils).

In these pages, you can find information and documents relating to the ethical practice of research in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences, under the following headings: 

These detail the role of the School’s Ethics Officer, the role and membership of the Ethics Committee and dates for future meetings,  procedures for the ethical approval of research and guidance to applicants, information about data protection, some examples of ethical approval applications and information sheets and consent forms, links to ethical guidelines, and particularly to the approval mechanism as required by the University governance procedures.