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Funded Research 2005-06

Prof PA Atkinson, Prof P Glasner (with BIOSI & JOMEC & Lancaster University)

Economic and Social Research Council
Stem cells CBAR - CESAGen work-package

Prof H Beynon

Unison Cymru
Mutual interests in the field of labour relations, trade unions and public services in Wales

Mr SM Davies

School meals contracting out

Mr SM Davies

Public and Commercial Services Union
Third sector provision of public services

Mr SM Davies

Union learning reps in BT

Dr E Elliott

Lancaster University
Social capital, history and policy implementation:  A synthesis and review of the literature

Dr E Elliott

The Tavistock Institute
Evaluating the new opportunities fund's healthy living centre programme


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
RCUK Fellowships

Prof DA Epstein, Prof P Brown (with University of Bristol & University of the West of England)

Economic and Social Research Council
Geographies of knowledge/geometries of power:  Global higher education in the 21st century

Prof DA Epstein, Dr AR Dowler

Welsh Assembly Government
Assessment of school anti-bullying policies in Wales

Dr A Faulkner, Prof P Glasner

Economic and Social Research Council
Regulatory innovation of a contested technology zone: follow-up study of human tissue engineering in the UK and EU

Prof J Fitz, Mr M Tomlinson

Economic and Social Research Council

Employability career progression and working futures

Dr K Henwood (with PSYCH)

Economic and Social Research Council
Gender theories and risk perception: A secondary analysis

Mr T Horlick-Jones

Fusion economic and social studies

Mr T Horlick-Jones

Rail Safety and Standards Board
Stakeholder engagement:  Valuing safety and the safety decisions framework

Dr E Kahveci

International Tansport Federation Seafarers Trust
The formation and maintenance of port based welfare work from the perspective of seafarers

Prof LAR Moore

Wales Office of Research & Development for Health & Social Care
Public health improvement research

Prof LAR Moore, Miss J Holliday, Dr S Murphy (with University of Bristol)

Medical Research Council
Social network analysis of the dynamic relationship between adolescent smoking behaviour and peer influence

Prof LAR Moore, Dr K Tapper, Dr S Murphy

Welsh Assembly Government
Evaluation of free school breakfasts initiative

Prof S Power

University of London
An examination of the educational and career trajectories of assisted place holders

Prof S Power, Dr C Taylor, Prof GM Rees

Field Studies Council 
Out of school learning: variations in provision and participation in secondary schools

Prof LF Prior (with MEDIC & Heriot-Watt University)

The Wellcome Trust 
Genetic testing and insurance: The problem of adverse selection

Prof TL Rees

Commission of European Communities
Regional trajectories to the knowledge economy:  A dynamic model (EURODITE)

Dr HA Sampson

ITF Seafarers' Trust 
Occupational health and safety

Dr HA Sampson

The Nippon Foundation 
SIRC fellowship

Dr HA Sampson, Dr N Winchester, Dr E Kahveci

European Commission
Study of training capacity in the merchant shipping industry

Dr NC Selwyn

Cardiff Children and Young People's Partnership
A study of young people's use of IT for sexual health advice and information

Dr K Tapper (with University of Swansea)

The Nuffield Foundation 
Effects of two ideation strategies on children's ability to delay gratification

Dr K Tapper, Prof LAR Moore, Dr C Shaw

Wales Office of Research & Development for Health & Social Care 
Developing and piloting of an acceptance-based intervention for overweight and obese women

Dr C Taylor

Welsh Assembly Government
Review of part-time students and part-time study in Wales

Prof DR Walters

Work Safe Victoria
Review of participative management literature

Prof GH Williams

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
Approaches to generating and maintaining health and effectiveness of interventions at individual, community and population levels

Prof GH Williams (with University of  Wales Bangor & University of Wales Swansea)

Welsh Assembly Government 
Support for the development of health impact assessment in Wales

Dr ML Williams, Dr AL Robinson

Welsh Development Agency
The Stonewall Cymru survey of lesbian, gay and bisexual communities in Wales 2006

Dr B Wu

Universita Degli Studi Di Padova
A study of Chinese migration into the Veneto region of Italy

Total: £2,528,736