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Sex and gender analysis in medical research

4 December 2012


Professor Teresa Rees, from the Cardiff School of Social Sciences, outlined the importance of paying attention to sex and gender analysis in medical research at the Gender and Excellence Symposium at the Medical University of Vienna on 29th November.

During her keynote speech, entitled 'The gendered construction of scientific excellence', Professor Rees used two examples to illustrate how scientific research would benefit from gender balance, citing men who fall ill with breast cancer being treated with drugs only tested on women, and studies on the health benefits of the daily use of aspirin being conducted only using men.

Gender imbalance is also obvious in at universities in Europe, where only 18 percent of professorships are women. To change this more transparency in university structure is needed, says Professor Rees, former Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research at Cardiff University and Director of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education Universities.

For the entire news story on the symposium please click here (in German)