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‘Don’t tell me anecdotes, show me the data!’, Professor Alan Felstead at the 2012 IAL Conference

31 July 2012

Professor Alan Felstead delivering the keynote address at the 2012 IAL conference in Singapore.

Professor Alan Felstead gave a keynote address to a two-day conference of 650 training and education practitioners in Singapore in July. 

The conference is an annual event organized by the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL).  The 2012 conference attracted its biggest ever audience.  Professor Felstead took the opportunity to tell delegates that ‘the best answers to questions facing organizations in the changing world of work and learning come from solid evidence, not anecdotes – they give us the big picture’.  He illustrated his message with the results from British research carried out over the last 25 years, such as the Skills and Employment Survey 2012 which he is leading.  The IAL is following his advice, and has launched a research programme which addresses this issue and draws heavily on surveys carried out by Professor Felstead and colleagues.