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Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) Meet the Team!

Starts: 13 June 2013


Come and catch the WAVE! 

At 1pm on June 13th you are invited to a 'brown bag' lunch in the Senior Common Room, Glamorgan Building to hear about WAVE, the £1.1m new three year research project that has started in SOCSI, and meet the WAVE team! 

WAVE is part funded by the European Structural Funds through the Welsh Government and stands for Women Adding Value to the Economy. We have two partners, University of South Wales who are focusing on training women entrepreneurs to value their skills (and charge an appropriate rate for them) and The Women's Workshop, who are working with employers and training women employers into higher level skills thereby 'switching' them into better paid jobs. 

The SOCSI part of WAVE will be undertaking qualitative research with these 'switchers', as well as working with large labour market data sets and case study employers to analyse how occupational segregation contributes to gender pay gaps. We'll be advising employers how to devise different ways of employing staff that might promote equality. 

The WAVE team is Teresa Rees, Luke Sloan and Alison Parken;  Jo Ann Hall (Senior Project Administrator), Dr Eva Pocher (Quantitative researcher) and Dr Amanda Kidd, our (Qualitative researcher). 

The project has much relevance to research going on in SOCSI - come and meet us and bring a sandwich!

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Open To: Staff and Students