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Researching Affect and Affective Communication

Researching Affect and Affective Communication
ESRC Centre for Research Methods
Networks for Methodological Innovation

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Increasingly, social science researchers are pointing to the central importance of affect and affective communication to understanding the dynamics of flows and networks, particularly with reference to embodied, nonconscious processes in group dynamics. This research network was formed with the intention of exploring methodological innovation in relation to researching affect and using affect in social research. The series consisted of 6 events in which a small group of academics and PhD students from a variety of disciplines gathered at Cardiff and City Universities to explore together different methodological standpoints in order to develop methods for use in social research. In doing this, they heard from a variety of speakers from different viewpoints. One aim of the series was to bring recent interest in affect with older traditions, especially those developed in relation to psychoanalysis, thus bringing different traditions of work into dialogue with each other. The series culminated in a colloquium at Cardiff University School of Social Sciences organised by the group.

You can read about the seminars by clicking on the events links below. You can watch videos of the contributors on each of the pages, or via our Vimeo video channel:


Group Membership

Lisa Blackman, Felicity Callard, Rebecca Coleman, John Cromby, Emilie Crossley, Bella Dicks, Debra Ferreday, Mark Finn, Leanne Franklin, Lynn Frogett, Monica Greco, Colleen Heenan, Julian Henriques, Wendy Hollway, Gabrielle Ivinson, Celia Jameson, Luis Jimenez, Joana Latimer, Renee Lertzman, Cecilia Love, Sara McBride Stewart, Louise Madden, Nick Mai, Derek McCormack, Dimitris PapadopoulosConstantina Papoulias, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, Emma Renold, Jessica Ringrose, Paul Stenner, Couze Venn, Sadie Wearing.