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Events Archive 2008

Below are details of past events that have taken place involving School Staff, including public seminars, research events, conferences and open days.


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09/01/2008 The Centre for Global Labour Research: ‘Banana Fair Trade: Just Trade' - Report
10/01/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: Postgraduate Presentations
15/01/2008 ‘Flexible Working: Smarter Solutions for Better Business’ Professor Alan Felstead
16/01/2008 Geography and Migration Workshop
21/01/2008 “An update on stress at work” seminar led by Professor Andy Smith
25/01/2008 Professor Wiebe Bijker seminar for the Centre for the Study of Knowledge, Expertise and Science
29/01/2008 The Regeneration Institute lunchtime-discussion series: Bob Smith (CPLAN) Housing and its contribution to Regeneration
30/01/2008 Consultative Conference on workplace learning
31/01/2008 Launch of the Timescapes Study

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01/02/2008 'Debating Crime and Community' Professor Gordon Hughes
06/02/2008 Widening Participation in Higher Education
06/02/2008 Are you thinking about a higher degree? Would you like FUNDING? Dr Lesley Noaks explains all!
06/02/2008 MASRiG: Alexandra Hillman. Sorting Things Out’: The Performance of Real Emergency Medicine
07/02/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Bridget Anderson (Oxford University) Migration and Precarious Work: Tautology or Contradiction in Terms?
13/02/2008 Cardiff ESRC Researcher Development Initiative - Training Researchers in Online Research Methods Project
14/02/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research and the Wales TUC: 'Union organising around major sports events' - Report
14/02/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: “Fatherhood and masculinities in the context of adulthood and life horizons”
20/02/2008 Professor Doreen Massey - The Politics of Place in a Globalised World
20/02/2008 The Postgrad Café’s Annual Conference
20/02/2008 ‘The social context of school bullying: Evidence from a survey of children in South Wales’, Dr Jonathan Scourfield
21/02/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Glenn Jordan (University of Glamorgan/Butetown Arts Centre) Before the Refugees: Somali Migrants in South Wales
26/02/2008 ‘Learning and skills at work’ Professor Alan Felstead
27/02/2008 Professor Lynne Chisholm - Re-contextualising Learning in Second Modernity
28/02/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Couze Venn (Nottingham Trent University) Biopolitics, Liberal Economic Discourse and the Regulation of Population.

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04/03/2008 ‘Upskilling Scottish jobs’, Professor Alan Felstead
05/03/2008 MASRiG: Roberta Bivins. 'Contagious Communities: Ethnicity and Identity in the UK and US, 1955-1985'
06/03/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Nicholas De Genova (Columbia University) Migration and labour along the US today
11/03/2008 ESRC Festival of Social Science Events 2008
12/03/2008 ESRC Festival of Social Science Events 2008
12/03/2008 Professor Mike Savage - The Welsh Origins of British Sociology
13/03/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Ruth Milkman (UCLA) Immigrant Workers and the Labour Movement in California: Problems and Prospects - Report
13/03/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: Reading Session, Queer Phenomenology (Sarah Ahmed)
18/03/2008 Annual Thompsons Lecture: Organising Migrant Workers: Global Challenges, featuring Professor Ruth Milkman - Report

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02/04/2008 CISHE - Health Challenge Wales: Evidence for Policy Seminar Series
02/04/2008 MASRiG: Geoffrey Samuel. 'Beyond Biomedical Assimilation?'
07/04/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) in association with the Wales TUC - "Working with Government" Conference - Report
09/04/2008 ESRC Regional Training Centre Event - Regression Methods for Survey Data
09/04/2008 Professor Adele Clarke - US Healthscapes: the Iconography of Things Medical
10/04/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: "Gender Failing to Regulate? Exploring Instabilities in ‘Gendered’ Discourses Relating to Socio-Technical and Environmental Risk Issues
10/04/2008 'Identities: Theoretical and Methodological Journeys' featuring Professor Valerie Walkerdine
16/04/2008 QUALITI - 'Advancing the use of visual methods in research on children’s cultures' Seminar
17/04/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Andrew Ross (NYU) The New Geography of Work
17/04/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) Colloquium - 'Unions and Organising' - Report
21/04/2008 BSA Medical Sociology Seminar
23/04/2008 ESRC Regional Training Centre Event - Evaluating Complex Social Interventions: Randomised Controlled Trials and Realistic Evaluation
23/04/2008 Professor Robert Slavin - Evidence-based Reform in Education
24/04/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Lisa Adkins (Goldsmiths College)
30/04/2008 QUALITI - 'Using New Technologies in Qualitative Research' Workshop

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01/05/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Miriam Glucksmann (University of Essex) Transformation of work: 'ready-made' food and new international divisions of labour
01/05/2008 QUALITI - 'Multi-Modal Qualitative Research' Workshop
07/05/2008 MASRiG: Ingrid Geesink. 'Sociologies of tissue and cell culture'
07/05/2008 'Ten Years After the Crime and Disorder Act' two day conference featuring Professor Gordon Hughes
08/05/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Surhan Cam (SOCSI) Structural Boundaries between Immigrants and Unions
08/05/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: “Intense accountability and the chilling of empathy: Ethical and relational costs of neo-liberalism” Dr Joanna Baker, James Cook University, Australia
13/05/2008 The Rescaling of Space Workshop - The Global Political Economy (GPE) Research Group
14/05/2008 CISHE - 'Chance, choice and collective risk: why we need more impersonal medicine'
14/05/2008 Adam Edwards presents 'The Politics of Guns, Crime and Social Order: Implicating Social Science' paper
15/05/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Julia O'Connell Davidson (University of Nottingham)
20/05/2008 ESRC Regional Training Centre Event - Questionnaire Design
22/05/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Spring 2008: Getinet Haile (Policy Studies Institute) Workplace Diversity and Employee Well-being in Britain
28/05/2008 Regeneration Institute: Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable South Wales Police

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04/06/2008 Regeneration Institute: Mike Raco - 'Key Worker Housing, Spatial Policy Reform and the Construction of Sustainable Communities in the South East of England'
04/06/2008 Professor Gordon Hughes pleanry address at the National Community Safety Network Annual Conference
05/06/2008 Professor Gordon Hughes presents paper to the ESRC seminar series, European Research Institute, University of Birmingham
12/06/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) Colloquium - Equality Duties: Widening the Bargaining Agenda? - Report
16/06/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) 'Leadership without Authority' a seminar by Sallie Glickman, Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board
18/06/2008 Social Theory Seminar - In/dividual
18/06/2008 Dr Tim Bunnell, National University of Singapore:'World city routes: life histories and geographies of Malay seafarers in Liverpool'
19/06/2008 ‘The Skill Level and Quality of Jobs in Wales’, Professor Alan Felstead
26/06/2008 Looked After Children Seminar - Key-note lecture by Children's Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler
26/06/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) in association with PCS, the Wales TUC and the Bevan Foundation - "Government Welfare Reform – a Good Deal for Wales?" - Report
27/06/2008 Subjectivity: International Conference in Critical Psychology, Cultural Studies and Social Theory

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04/07/2008 BSA Medical Sociology Seminar, Ian Rees Jones - Bangor University, Paul Higgs - University College London
09/07/2008 The Fifth Basil Bernstein Symposium
10/07/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: The Boundaries of Intimacy: What constitutes intimacy and an intimate relationship? Jacqui Gabb, The Open University
14/07/2008 Professor Gordon Hughes delivers a plenary address at the New Zealand Policing Research Symposium

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11/09/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting: 'Narratives parents tell about their child’s genital surgery?' Caroline Saunders (University of Central Lancashire)
12/09/2008 Space, Place and Deviance: Contemporary Issues in a Welsh Context - Conference Attendance

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07/10/2008 Childhood Research Group: Childhood Doctoral Group Meeting
08/10/2008 Childhood Research Group: 'Fighting to survive and succeed: Mapping the effects of individualized neo-liberal discourses of success for girls 'in care' - a case study' Dr Emma Renold
08/10/2008 Regeneration Institute Public Lecture: 'Getting Serious About Regeneration' Leighton Andrews AM, Deputy Minister for Regeneration and Rhondda AM
13/10/2008 (Post)human Reading Group - Donna Haraway “When Species Meet”
15/10/2008 ‘Orientations to and Experiences of Work’- An ESRC WAM-net One Day Seminar
23/10/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Autumn 2008: Michael Woodiwiss (University of the West of England ) - Moral Panics, Gangster Capitalism and Organised Crime
24/10/2008 BSA Medical Sociology Seminar - Publishing in Health and Social Sciences - Presentations
28/10/2008 'Communicate 2008: Messages for Change' Conference at HP Labs Bristol featuring Renee Lertzman
29/10/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) Colloquium - ‘Vulnerable Workers’ - Presentations
30/10/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Autumn 2008: Sir Anthony Bottoms (Cambridge University) Understanding police legitimacy - why "Policing by Consent" won't do as a shorthand description

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04/11/2008 MASRiG: Joanna Latimer - Rewriting bodies, undoing persons? The gene, the clinic and the (post)human
12/11/2008 SOCSI Theory Symposium on 'Social Science and the Public Sphere'
13/11/2008 Iain Morland (12-1 only) Cardiff University - Is a queer theory of intersex possible?
13/11/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Autumn 2008: Professor Rodney Morgan (University of Bristol, UPSI & LSE) and Dr Kevin Haines (Swansea University) Justice Horizons in Wales
20/11/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Autumn 2008: Professor John Pratt (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) Using Scandal to Challenge and Undermine Populism in New Zealand Postponed
24/11/2008 MASRiG: Thom van Dooren - Pain of extinction: the death of a vulture
25/11/2008 The Regeneration Institute lunchtime-discussion series: Streets Ahead? Perspectives on Neighbourhood Classification - Karen Chalk (CPLAN)
26/11/2008 Social Work Series: A personal and community work perspective on 'The Helping Relationship' - Dr. Martin Hoban, Freelance Lecturer
27/11/2008 Cesagen Lecture: Professor Dr. Alain Pompidou 'Bioknowledge Economy: New Challenges - Between Myths and Reality'
28/11/2008 SKOPE Seminar: Using the National Employer Skills Survey

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02/12/2008 The Regeneration Institute lunchtime-discussion series: Youth suicide, Bridgend and the Media -Jonathan Scourfield (SOCSI) & Ann Luce (JOMEC)
02/12/2008 SRA Cymru Seminar led by Professor Amanda Coffey: Research collaboration and capacity building in Wales: The new Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods
03/12/2008 MASRiG: Jamie Lewis and Neil Stephens - The regulation of stem cells for clinical application
08/12/2008 Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre (CWERC) Conference - Working for a healthier tomorrow at work - where do we go from here?
09/12/2008 Centre for Global Labour Research (CGLR) - Professor Erinc Yeldan - Global Crisis and the Periphery
09/12/2008 Social Work Series: Social work in a multi-cultural context, Dr. Abdalla Yasin Mohamed, Director of the Islamic Social Services Association - Wales
10/12/2008 Social Theory Forum - Social Theory and the Environment
10/12/2008 Professor Sir Michael Marmot - Taking Action on the Social Determinants of Health - Postponed
11/12/2008 SOCSI Seminar Series Autumn 2008: Professor Richard Sparkes (University of Edinburgh) The criminal question and the debate on public social science
11/12/2008 Gender and Sexualities Research Group Meeting - Caroline Saunders (Central Lancashire) 'Narratives parents tell about their child's genital surgery?'
15/12/2008 CISHE: Health Challenge Wales:Evidence for Policy Seminar Series - "The Challenge of Adolescent Smoking: research, policy and practice"

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