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The New Capitalism and the Future of Policy Making and Planning

Starts: 18 November 2009

18th November 2009
Committee Room 1, Glamorgan Building

The aim of the workshop is to provoke and stimulate discussion among all those attending. Presentations will be brief in order to allow as much time as possible for discussion and the exploration of linkages.

10 minute introductions from the following, then 15 minute or so discussion on the theme with Rick Delbridge chairing.

• John Lovering – The New Capitalism and Planning

• Steve Martin – The New Capitalism and UK Public Policy

• Patrick Minford – What ‘New Capitalism’?

• Mahmoud Ezzamel – The New Capitalism, Governance and Policy Making

• Peter Turnbull – The New Capitalism and Transport Policy in The European Union

Everyone welcome.



Name:Sian Faire

Phone:+44 (0) 29 208 74983

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Open To: Staff and Students