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Socialising the Social Sciences

Starts: 14 November 2011

Socialising the Social Sciences   - NEW series of collaborative events

All too often we are so busy with our own research that we don’t have the opportunity or time to meet colleagues outside our own immediate area (be that physical or subject-constrained).

Following discussions with the Directors of Research in CARBS, CPLAN, PSYCH and SOCSI we are developing a series of events designed to bring colleagues across Social Science Schools and Research Centres together to collaborate on key thematic areas.

We are delighted to invite you to attend the first event, centred on one of the three ESRC strategic priority areas ‘A Vibrant and Fair Society’ to include discussions around questions such as

  • What are inclusive communities and how best can we achieve them?
  • How do individuals and communities most effectively make their voices heard?
  • How mobile is our society?

The main aim of the event is to provide a platform to explore opportunities for collaborative research. The meeting will be chaired by Professor Martin Innes, Deputy Director Research, School of Social Sciences.

Who should attend?

It is open to all colleagues across the University who are:

  • interested in meeting new colleagues across the Social Science community at Cardiff
  • interested in developing collaborative research opportunities
  • keen to find out who else in the University may be undertaking research in a related area
  • keen to hear about other research being conducted in this thematic area
  • find out about relevant funding opportunities

When and Where?

November 14th, 10am - 1pm,  Committee Rooms 1 & 2, Glamorgan Building

Those wishing to attend should reply to Sally O’Connor, (x75494 –

To help facilitate opportunities for collaboration all participants will be asked to provide brief information about their research interests for circulation in advance of the meeting.


Other information

Open To: Staff Only