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Space, Place and Deviance: Contemporary Issues in a Welsh Context - Conference Attendance and Call for Papers

Starts: 12 September 2008

Date of Conference: 12 September 2008

Venue: Cardiff University Cardiff University, Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3WT.

The Cardiff Post Graduate Criminology Research Group in conjunction with the British Sociological Association is hosting a one day conference for Welsh institution based postgraduates. This one day conference will consist of two key plenary sessions as well as a number of postgraduate paper led workshops.


  • Gareth Crossman (Director of Policy at Liberty)
  • Prof. Gordon Hughes (Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University)
  • Prof. Rob Mears (Head of School, School of Social Sciences, Bath Spa University)

Space, place and deviance are pivotal concepts within the disciplines of both Sociology and Criminology. These concepts underpin wider changes that are taking place within contemporary society such as the blurring of boundaries between public and private space, how the use of such spaces are being reconfigured in terms of both their access and use, as well as the wider impact and consequences of regeneration, pluralized policing and surveillance. In addition, the concept of ‘place’ no longer simply refers to a fixed geographic locale. Mobility, migration and the increasing use of cyber communities exist alongside ‘communities of fate’. Such developments have consequences for behaviour labelled as deviant in that processes of deviance definition have become increasingly localised, individualised as well as contested. To what extent, if any, do such broader social changes have dimensions that are unique to Wales as a devolved polity?

The aim of this one day conference is provide a forum for welsh institution based postgraduates, from both Sociology and Criminology, to present and discuss their research which is relevant to any aspect of wider contemporary developments that are taking place within Wales.

Please submit conference registration forms and/or abstracts for workshop papers (150 words) via email to


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