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An introduction to quantitative research for qualitative researchers

Starts: 7 February 2012
Ends:  9 February 2012


A two-day course in Cardiff on 7th and 9th February 2012.

Venue: Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD), 46 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BB.

Cost: £200

Quantitative research is not solely the domain of statisticians. Indeed in the Social Sciences it is becoming increasingly necessary that we all have a basic level of competency when dealing with numeric data. The problem is that there are misconceptions over how quantitative methods are difficult and, in some cases, inappropriate tools for analysing the social world. This workshops begins on the premise that there are elite methods favoured by the few but that they are rarely used as most of the time basic descriptive results and visualisation will tell you what you need to know and it is these latter areas that we will cover. We also agree that not every problem can be solved through the use of quantitative data and that methods should be seen as a toolbox (you start with the research problem and you use the correct tool to interrogate it). Thus the aim of this workshop is to equip you with new tools to add to your existing collection including:

- online survey design
- familiarity with SPSS software
- descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation)
- generating charts and tables
- testing hypotheses (chi-square and t-tests)
- introduction to online secondary data archives

No prior knowledge of quantitative methods is assumed for this workshop and the material will be delivered in an interactive format alternating between mini-plenaries and computer workshops. The whole course will be delivered by Dr Luke Sloan (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University).

For more information and to book a place, please contact Susan Hayes on 029 20874967 or


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