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Transitions Within Learning and Within the Labour Market

Starts: 3 July 2012

Joint LLAKES/SKOPE Event on Transitions

Tuesday 3 July 2012, Committee Room 1, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London

The issue of transitions – from education into the labour market, from one stage of education to another, and from one job to another – underpins many elements of current education and training policy.  Smooth transitions into the labour market are required to reduce youth unemployment and are a concern across the OECD.  The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s report Pathways to Prosperity underlines worries in the US on this score.  Transitions from apprenticeship routes into higher education has long been a policy goal in the UK, but to date progress on making this a reality has been slow and limited.  Transitions in the form of progression up the job ladder is essential to social mobility and to moving the ‘working poor’ into better waged employment, but our knowledge of how individuals progress has hitherto been quite limited.  Finally, where do workers go when economic restructuring destroys their current employment.  Do they progress upwards to better work, or are they displaced downwards into less well-paid work?

The forthcoming LLAKES/SKOPE event Transitions Within Learning and Within the Labour Market will explore these issues through research recently undertaken by the two ESRC centres.  The seminar will be of interest to policy makers, researchers and students.

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Open To: Staff and Students