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Rebecca Lobb, BA Education

Rebecca Lobb - BA Education

Rebecca is in her final year of a BA Education degree at the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. Originally from Cornwall, Rebecca was nervous about moving to Cardiff, but she now loves it here so much she doesn’t want to go home!

What made you choose to do an Education degree at Cardiff?

The course isn’t offered at many other universities and I was very glad to have found out about it. I’ve always wanted to become a primary school teacher; however I didn’t want to launch straight into a teacher training course. The Cardiff Education degree was perfect because it enabled me to keep my options for the future more open.

The course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about child development, the education system, British politics and all sorts which will be hugely beneficial in my teaching career. However, the course still leaves you open to choose a number of different careers. I have friends who want to be teachers, social workers, educational psychologists and workers in social justice and equality schemes.

The teaching is fantastic. The lecturers are passionate about what they teach which enthuses you. One other factor which I considered was that on the course it is very much a 50-50 split between coursework and exams which appealed to me. The assessment is well spread out across the year as well to avoid too much stress.

Why did you decide to study at Cardiff University?

I chose Cardiff for a number of reasons. Firstly the city is brilliant, not too big and not too small. It’s big enough to have a great student atmosphere and brilliant nightlife but also small enough that when you go out socialising you tend to bump into other friends which is great and it’s quite hard to get lost!

Also there is a distinct student housing area in Cardiff, so when you move into a house it’s great because you tend to live very near all your friends. In Cardiff everywhere is walkable: student halls, the university, Tesco and the city centre are all within a 20 minute walk from one another. It’s perfect because you don’t have to worry about taking the bus anywhere - it saves you some money too!

Cardiff University has a great reputation. The staff are superb and the resources available to you are brilliant. The Students’ Union has every facility you could need as a student - a bar, a club, an employment job shop, a bookstore, IT repairs, a volunteering centre, a housing agency - everything and anything! Compared to other places Cardiff is also a very cheap place to be a student; my housing costs are much cheaper than what my friends pay elsewhere.

"Cardiff is a beautiful, thriving city and the perfect place to be a student!"

What have you enjoyed about being a student at Cardiff University?

During my time at university I have been able to work in a number of volunteer schemes. Last year I was lucky enough to volunteer for one morning a week in a special school for children who have been previously excluded. It was a fantastic experience which I probably wouldn’t have been able to get back in Cornwall! The Students’ Union make all the arrangements - they even pay for your bus fare if you need to take one.

The summer is also a great time in Cardiff. There are a number of large parks in the city and when the sun comes out all the students descend on them. Everyone has barbecues and lazy days revising in the sun in the park by the river which is great. Oh and of course to be a fresher in Cardiff is amazing, the nightlife is great and the drinks very cheap! Plus living in halls is brilliant, in Cardiff lots of the halls are grouped together so there is a real student community.

What are your plans for the future?

I am in my final year of study and so I have been busy planning what to do when I leave. I have managed to secure a place on a teacher training course next year. It’s a one year course and when I have completed it I shall be able to begin my career in teaching. The university has been very helpful in supporting me through the application process, along with a number of my friends who have also got places despite there being tough competition. I am looking forward to graduating this summer and beginning the next step in my career plans.

Picking Cardiff was the best decision I’ve ever made, I cannot recommend Cardiff highly enough as a place to be a student. I was nervous to come to university and now it is a wrench to leave. Cardiff was the perfect choice for me.