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Sociology is an exciting and challenging social science discipline. It is concerned with the study of society, culture and institutions and is one of the disciplines central to making sense of global and social change. Sociology addresses these topics through a comparative approach and draws upon a wide range of methods - observational, statistical, historical and comparative - to investigate the nature of human life.


Careers and employability


Sociology is a highly marketable qualification offering entry to a wide range of occupations and postgraduate courses. Recent research has shown that sociology graduates have starting salaries in excess of students from most other disciplines. Graduates from Cardiff have successfully pursued careers in a wide range of fields including teaching, accounting, banking and finance, law, management, voluntary agencies, retail and market research.



Example timetable


Example timetable - Sociology [525.9 Kb]

Example first year undergraduate Sociology timetable.



Single and Joint Honours available:

Further Information
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