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The Criminology degree scheme is run by internationally renowned Criminologists. Courses focus on the concept of crime, explanations of crime and strategies of crime control in contemporary society. Topics such as criminal behaviour, risk, victimisation, policing, prisons, representations of crime in the media, white collar and ‘cyber’ crime are explored in detail during the undergraduate programme.


The Criminology degrees enable students to build up a range of skills and knowledge whilst simultaneously developing a critical understanding of the processes of criminological research, criminological debates and the operation of the criminal justice system.


Careers and employability

The Criminology degrees in Cardiff provide high quality entrants to a range of criminology-related careers in criminal justice and the fast-growing fields of community safety, crime reduction and security management. Criminology graduates may choose to pursue academic research or they may seek work in a range of statutory and voluntary agencies and policy bodies. 

Past graduates have followed a variety of career paths including research, teaching, policing, legal professions, social work and social care, administration and management.


Example timetables


Example timetable - Criminology and Sociology [526.2 Kb]

Example first year undergraduate Criminology and Sociology timetable.



Example timetable - Criminology [526.0 Kb]

Example first year undergraduate Criminology timetable.



To find out more information about each of the the Criminology degree pathways please click the links below.


Further Information
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