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Recent Education Research Titles

Council Chamber


A selection of recent Education Research titles:

Caroline Adams - The role and nature of Visual Education in Medical Image Interpretation

Trevor Austin - Novice Teachers as Agents of Change in a Dental School

Catherine Camps - Cornish teachers in the post compulsory sector: the extent to which their view of Cornish identity impacts on their professional behaviour in general and the enactment of specified curricula in particular.

Roland Fletcher - The effectiveness of legal education and the opportunity to qualify as a lawyer

Jeremy Gass - A critical investigation of the notion of active citizenship within the Workers' Educational Association South Wales

Euan Hails - What factors confound or enhance evidence-based psychosocial interventions training graduates from implementing their clinical skills with patients on completion of post basic training in their clinical setting?

Elaine Jenkins - Student input, top quality assurance and enhancement – the alignment of a three-dimensional paradigm?

Clare Kell - "To look and behave like a professional" - what does this mean for physiotherapy in the 21st century?

Stephen Leverett - Working with men: the antenatal teachers' perspective

Sara McDonald - Are Higher Education Academics Experiencing Harassment by Students?

Sharman Morgan - Early years education in Wales has recently experienced significant growth of investment and restructure. This research project will investigate the impact of the Foundation Phase on empowerment, integration and identity.

Gwilym Roberts - Experience of tutors in problem-based learning in occupational therapy

Jane Ryan - Do men from pre-registration nursing learn from their male peers?

Sally Scott-Roberts - Working collaboratively alongside students with disability to solve problems encountered in the work place

Rosanna Sutton - The professional socialisation of mature students on a postgraduate degree course in medicine (working title)

Steven Whitcombe - An exploration of Occupational Therapy students’ readiness to engage in problem based learning

Jane Williams - ‘September Three Times a Year’: the impact of termly intake in Nursery Settings