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Study Groups

As part of a revision exercise for one of our autumn exams we created a study group with five other SOCSI students. We found it extremely helpful because it reduced our individual workload through sharing the key readings; it also provided motivation, focus and reduced stress.

As part of our study group, we began by discussing what exactly we needed to know for our exam, when and how long it was. 

Study Groups

We realised that there was a lot of information we needed to know so we split up the key readings between ourselves. We each wrote a summary of the readings and gave a brief verbal explanation of the text to the rest of the group. We then created spider diagrams for each topic, using A3 paper and colourful pens, which included the main points from the key readings and the lectures.

We all enjoyed working in a study group as it made revision more sociable and it was surprisingly satisfying to have completed a lot of work during the day and having every evening free. The fact that we had to meet other people motivated us to get up earlier in the morning. By making a plan together meant that our study time was more structured and we found the use of rewards and breaks helpful in making us feel refreshed and ready for work again. Because we were working with other people we were able to discuss any problems we were having, which confounded any worries and made the whole experience less stressful than studying individually.

If you would like help or advice in setting up a study group then contact Ian Jones - He is the Engagement and Innovation Officer within the School -