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Research Profile

Dr Gethin Williams 


Author of:

  • The Future of HE in Wales - Lessons from the past.  'Agenda' Spring 2008.  Cardiff:  Institute of Welsh Affairs, 2008
  • 'Changes in Government Policy and the Development of Higher Education in Wales'. In Daugherty, R., Phillips, R. and Rees, G. (eds.) Education Policy Making in Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2000.
  • 'Matching Expectations — A Methodology and Two Instruments'. In Managing Quality Standards in Higher Education. London: HEQC, 1997.
  • 'Taking up the HEFCW Challenge'. Proceedings of a Conference held by Goldsmiths College & IBM (Eds. Aylett, RTP and Gregory,KJ). London: Goldsmiths College, 1996.
  • 'Academic Standards in Higher Education: A Framework for Investigation and Discourse at Institutional Level'. Quality Assurance in Education. Vol 3 No 4, 1995.
  • 'Achieving Quality in Higher Education: A Student Centred Approach to Evaluation'. A monograph prepared for the Joint Performance Indicators Working Group of the Higher Education Funding Councils. Gwent College of Higher Education, 1994.
  • 'Planning for a Purpose in FE & HE: A Handbook for Executives'. Gwent College of Higher Education, 1991.
  • 'Experimentation in Reflective Practice: A Conceptual Framework for Managers in Highly Professionalised Organisations'. In Mansfield, R (ed.) Frontiers of Management. Routledge/BAM: London, 1989.
  • 'Economic Planning Machinery in Wales 1965-68'. Regional Studies Association, 1971.

Contributor to:

  • The Economic Consequences of the Severn Bridge and its Associated Motorways. Bath University Press, 1973.
  • A Study of Labour Mobility in Monmouthshire. Newport and Monmouthshire College of Technology, 1967.