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Research Profile

Prof Tony Coxon 

Professor Tony Coxon
Position:Honorary Professor
School:Social Sciences

Research Interests

Professor Tony Coxon is currently Honorary Professor at Cardiff University, and also  Emeritus Professor of Sociological Research Methods, University of Wales (since 1988) and Professorial Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (since 2002).


Three main areas have remained at the centre of my research :

  • Occupations: Perception of occupational worlds, Critique of “prestige measurement” and social mobility
  • Sexualities and  Sociology of sexual behaviour:  Grammar and structure of sexual acts, and risk behaviour; Sexual Diaries; Male homosexual/bisexual lifestyles; Minority sexual communities; Socio-epidemiology of HIV infection
  • Research Methods relating to cognitive sociology:  Multidimensional scaling and classification;  Method of Sorting, Social Networks, Integrating quantitative and qualitative data
    together with
  • Sociology of religion (including Clergy as an occupation)

Additional Information

Professional websites

  • LinkedIn:

Methodological websites:

  • (MDS)
  • (Sorting Methodology)
  • (Sexual Diaries Methodology and data)