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Research Profile

Prof Richard Daugherty 

Selected Publications

Daugherty, R. & Davies, S. (2011)  ‘Capacity and quality in education research in Wales’ Welsh Journal of Education 15, 4-23.

Daugherty, R., Black, P., Ecclestone, K., James, M. & Newton. P. (2011) ‘Assessment of significant learning outcomes’ 165-183 in R. Berry and R. Adamson (eds.) Assessment Reform and Educational Change. New York: Springer.

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Daugherty, R. (2009)  ‘National Curriculum Assessment in Wales: adaptations and divergence’   Educational Research  51 (2),  247-250.

Daugherty, R., Black, P., Ecclestone, K., James, M. & Newton, P. (2008)  ‘Alternative perspectives on learning outcomes: challenges for assessment’  The Curriculum Journal  19 (4),  243-254.

Daugherty, R. & Davies. S. (2008)  ‘Capacity and Quality in Education Research in Wales’   Report commissioned by the Strategic Forum for Research in Education (SFRE).

Daugherty, R.  (2008)   ‘Reviewing National Curriculum Assessment in Wales:  How can evidence inform the development of policy?’ CambridgeJournal of Education 38 (1), 77-91.

Daugherty, R. (2007)  ‘Mediating academic research:  the Assessment Reform Group experience’ Research Papers in Education  22 (2),  139-153.

Daugherty, R. (2007)  ‘National Curriculum assessment in Wales: evidence-informed policy?’ Welsh Journal of Education  14,  69-84.

Daugherty, R. (2007)  ‘Editorial’ for themed issue on education policy in Wales since devolution  Welsh Journal of Education  14, 1-7.

Daugherty, R. & Ecclestone, K. (2006) ‘Constructing assessment for learning in the UK policy environment’ pp. 149-168 in Gardner, J. (ed.) Assessment and Learning.  London: Sage.

Daugherty, R. (2004) ‘Education policy and education research in Wales. Changing relationships?’ Welsh Journal of Education  12 (2)   83-98.

Daugherty, R. (2004) Learning pathways through statutory assessment: Key Stages 2 and 3. Final Report of the Daugherty Assessment Review Group, Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government.

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Daugherty, R., Phillips, R. & Rees, G. (eds.) (2000), Education Policy-making in Wales, Cardiff: University of Wales Press