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Research Profile

Prof David Ashton 

Selected Publications

D.N. Ashton, J, Sung and A. Raddon, Training and Learning in SMEs, Geneva: ILO  (forthcoming, 2008)

D. N. Ashton and J. Sung, 'How Competitive Strategy Matters? Understanding the Drivers of Training Learning and Performance at the Firm Level', Oxford and Warwick Universities SKOPE Research Paper 66, May 2006

D. N. Ashton, J. Sung and A. Raddon 'A case of where size matters: A preliminary investigation into the institutionalisation of skill formation and firm size', Oxford and Warwick Universities, SKOPE Research Paper No. 60 Autumn 2005.

A. Kraak, H. Lauder, P. Brown and D. Ashton, Debating high skills and joined up policy, Cape Town: HSRC Press, 2005, 60 pp

D. N. Ashton, 'High Skills: the concept and its application to South Africa,' Journal of Education and Work, Vol. 18, No. 1, March 2005, pp.19-32.

D. N. Ashton ‘The Impact of Organisational Structure and Practices on Learning in the Workplace’, International Journal of Training and Development, 8 (1) :43-53, 2004

D. N. Ashton, ‘Explaining Change in National HRD Strategies: The Case of Three Asian Tigers’, European Journal of Development Research, 14 (1) 126-144, 2002.

D. N. Ashton, F. Green, J. Sung, J. and D. James, ‘The Evolution of Education and Training Strategies in Singapore, Taiwan and S. Korea: A Developmental Model of Skill Formation,’ Journal of Education and Work 15 (1) 5-30. 2002

A. Felstead, D.N. Ashton and F. Green, ‘Paying the price for flexibility? Training, skills and non-standard jobs in Britain.’ International Journal of Employment Studies, 9 (1) 25-60, 2001

F. Green, D.N. Ashton and A. Felstead, ‘Estimating the determinants of supply of computing, problem-solving, communication, social, and teamworking skills’, Oxford Economic Papers 3, 406-433, 2001.

A. Felstead and D. N. Ashton, ‘Tracing the Link: Organisational Structures and Skill Formation’, Human Resource Management Journal, 10 (3), 5-21, 2000.

A. Felstead, D.N. Ashton and F. Green, ‘Are Britain’s Workplace Skills Becoming More Unequal,’ Cambridge Journal of Economics, Special Issue on Social Justice and Economic Efficiency, 24 (6) 709-728, 2000.

D. N. Ashton, J. Sung and J. Turbin, ‘Toward a Framework for the Comparative Analysis of National Systems of Skill Formation,’  International Journal of Training and Development,  4 (1) 8-25. 2000.