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Research Profile

Mr Nick Pike 

Publications / Conference Papers


2007 ‘Age, Maturity and Suitability for Social Work’ in Frost, E, Freitas, M-J and Campanini, A. (eds.) Social Work Education in Europe (Rome, Carocci) pp. 167 - 179 

2002 'The Neglected Dimension - advocacy and the families of children with learning difficulties' in Robin Jackson and Barry Gray (eds.) Advocacy and Learning Disability (London, Jessica Kingsley) pp.152 – 169

1999 '"All we're here for is storage, dear" - psychodynamic  approaches to the respite care of children with learning difficulties' Journal of Intellectual Disabilities Vol. 3 No.1 pp.3 - 10


Conference Papers

2011 ‘The challenge of consent in ethnographic research with children with autism and complex learning disabilities’ Doctoral Social Work Research Day School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, January 2011

2009 ‘Competence- based education for social work – lessons from the UK’  Conference on ‘Competence in Social Work Education’,  Association of Italian Social Work Educators, Milan

2007 ‘Don’t leave us out! Listening to children with profound and multiple disabilities’ EUSW conference ‘Listening: The Heart of Social Work’ Goteborg University, Sweden

2006 ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush (again)? From Children’s Departments to Children’s Trusts’ Presentation to University of Gloucestershire’s Inter-Agency Thematic Seminar

2006 ‘21st Century Social Work’ – Workshop presentation for UWE/Barnardos/EUSW conference ‘Social Work in Transition: what can we learn from Europe?’ University of the West of England

2005 ‘Positive Futures’ – keynote address to Gloucestershire Social Services Practice Assessors Workshop, Gloucester

2001 'Have I knowed you before? - doing ethnography with children' Presentation to the Postgraduate Research Seminar, School of Health and Social Welfare, Open University

2000 'You can do something about epilepsy but...' Workshop       presentation on tuberous sclerosis to the Department of the         Psychiatry of Disability, St. George's Hospital Medical School

2000 'Once I understood then I could cope...' Presentation on tuberous sclerosis to the Postgraduate Research Seminar, School of Health and Social Welfare, Open University

1999 ‘More than Storage’ – workshop for the Psychologists in Social Services Division of the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, Mental Health Foundation, London

1998 'Tuberous Sclerosis and Family Life' - poster presentation at 10th World Congress on Tuberous Sclerosis, Goteborg, Sweden                             

1997 "We're only here for storage, dear" - psychodynamic approaches to the residential short term care of children with learning disabilities - 2nd National Celebrating Learning Disability Conference - East Yorkshire Learning Disability Institute, University of Hull