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Research Profile

Ms Renee Lertzman 

Selected Publications

Lertzman, R. (2006). Review of Signs of Danger: Waste, Trauma, and Nuclear Threat (van Wyck, 2004, University of Minnesota Press). Organization & Environment, 19, 542-545.

Lertzman, R. (2005). 'Ecopsychological Theory and Critical Intervention,’ Organization & Environment, 17 (3), 396-402.

Lertzman, R. (2004). Review of Thinking Geometrically: Revisioning Space for a Multimodal World (Waisanen, Ed. Jennifer D. Slack, 2002, Peter Lang). Organization & Environment, 17 (4), 542-545.

Lertzman, R. (2004). ‘Common Interests: An interview with Karl Linn, pioneer of community gardens’. Hope Magazine (September/October).

Lertzman, R. (2003). ‘Listening to the River: Interview with Lewis MacAdam, founder of Friends of the Los Angeles River’. The Trust for Public Land Magazine, Land and People (Spring).

Lertzman, R. (2003). ‘The Power of One: Health and justice on the streets of the South Bronx. Profile of Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx.’ Orion Magazine (January/February).

Lertzman, R. (2002). ‘Getting Down to Business: An Interview with Paul Hawken’. The Sun Magazine (April). (Reprint in Mindfulness in the Marketplace, ed. A.H. Badiner, Parallax Press, 2002).

Lertzman, R. (2001). 'Book Review Essay: Three Terra Nova Books, Ed. David Rothenberg', Parabola, 26 (4), 94-106.

Lertzman, R. (2000). Interview with Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. Speak Magazine (Winter).

Lertzman, R (1997). 'The Future is Not What it Used to Be', Terra Nova, 2 (2): 79-82.

Lertzman, R. (1997). 'At Home in the World: An Interview with Geographer Yi-Fu Tuan,' Terra Nova, 1 (1), 98-105.