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Research Profile

Mr David Frayne  

Publications / Presentations


(2010) ‘Book Review: Edward Granter – Critical Social Theory and the End of Work’, Work Employment and Society, vol.24 (4)



(2008) In Search of Work-Life Balance: Findings from a Pilot Study. Postgraduate Conference, Cardiff University

(2009) The Subjectivities and Experiences of Downshifters, Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Manchester University

(2010) Critical Social Theory and Everyday Life: Attempts to Work and Consume Less, Postgraduate Conference, Cardiff University

(2011) Resisting Work in an Employment-Centred Society: Three Criticisms of the Ideology of the Virtue of Paid Work, Contested Continuities: A Conference on Health, Welfare and the ‘Big Society’, Cardiff University

(2011) The Moral and Material Challenges of Working Less, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, London School of Economics