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Research Profile

Ms Gabriella Alberti 

Position:PhD Student
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+ 44 (0)29 208 75441
contact info:

Address:Room 2.21 Glamorgan Building

Research Interests

  • Transnational migration and labour politics
  • Feminist approaches to ethnography and social geography
  • Embodiment and affective experience in precarious work
  • Theories of subjectivity in temporary work
  • Everyday life and political agency
  • Community unionism
  • EU policies on migration and employment
  • Globalisation, sovereignty and governance


Gabriella did her first degree in Political Sciences at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna. She came to Cardiff University in October 2006 to start the MSc programme in “Social Sciences Research Methods”.

In March 2007 Gabriella’s Bachelor dissertation was awarded the “Renzo Imbeni Scholarship” of €6,000 promoted by the Gramsci Institute-Bologna. As part of the award, between April and September 2007, Gabriella performed a six months internship at the European Parliament in Brussels, where she conducted the empirical part of her MSc dissertation on the EU policies on migration and employment. In September 2006 she submitted her MSc thesis:  Exploring the relation between migration management and EU strategies for employment. An ethnographic study of the policy process at the European Parliament, which was assessed with distinction.

Gabriella was granted a scholarship from the School of Social Sciences to continue her research in Sociology and Labour Studies on a 3 years PhD programme that she started in September 2007. She is currently undertaking an ethnographic study on The gendered dimension of transnational mobility and temporariness: emerging subjectivities of migrant women in London hospitality sector.

She works asa Teaching Assistant at SOCSI (Globalisation and Social Change, year 3) and organises with Helen Blakely the student-led Global Political Economy Postgraduate Research Group, (part of the inter-departmental Centre for Global Labour Research). In May 2008, together with her fellow postgraduates from the GPE group, she organized the successful conference “The re-scaling of Space” with guests professors and researchers in social geography from all over the country. In October 2009 Gabriella had a major role in organizing a second successful conference entitled The shifting boundaries of citizenship: mobility, spatiality, agency, where high-level scholars from other UK universities presented their research in a rich interdisciplinary environment.

PhD Topic/ Area

Gabriella’s current research is in on the everyday lives and working experiences of migrant women in the hospitality sector in Central London. The main focuses of the research are on transnational mobility, temporary work and political agency. The possibilities for political and civic engagement among migrant workers are considered with attention at the gender and racial dimensions of work in the services.


Dr Dimitris Papadopoulos

Prof Huw Beynon