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Research Profile

Dr Jasmin Tregidga 

Selected Publications


Williams, M., Edwards, A., Jones, T., Noaks, L., & Tregidga, J. (forthcoming). Diversity, Crime and Control.  London: Sage.


Journal Articles

Robinson, A. and Tregidga, J. (2007).  The Perceptions of High-Risk Victims of Domestic Violence to a Coordinated Community Response in Cardiff, Wales. Violence Against Women, Nov 2007; vol. 13: pp. 1130 - 1148.


Working Papers

The Role of the Community Safety Officer within Wales; Challenges and Opportunities: Adam Edwards, Gordon Hughes, Jasmin Tregidga



Tregidga, J. and Robinson, A. (2008).  It’s Not Just About the Locks: Second Interim Evaluation Report on the Cardiff Homesafe Project.  November 2008.

Tregidga, J, Williamson, H. and Noaks, L. (2005).  Realism, Relevance and Respect: A Formative Evaluation of the All Wales Police Schools Liaison Programme.

Robinson, A. L. and Tregidga, J. (2005). Domestic Violence MARACs (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences) for Very High-Risk Victims in Cardiff, Wales: Views from the Victims. School of Sciences: Cardiff University.

Vallely, C., Robinson, A. L., Burton, M., & Tregidga, J. (2005). Evaluation of Domestic Violence Pilot Sites at Caerphilly (Gwent) and Croydon. London: Crown Prosecution Service. 

Clancy, A, Maguire, M. and Tregidga, J. (2004).  Failed Prosecutions involving DNA ‘Hits’: An Analysis of Cases in South Wales.  School of Social Sciences: Cardiff University.


Conference Presentations

The ‘Securitisation’ of Routine Policing?  A Case Study of the Impact of Counter-Terrorism on Local Policing presented at the European Society of Criminology (ESC) Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2009.

‘What Gets Measured Gets Done’: The Implementation of National Counter-Terrorism Policy at the Local Policing Level presented at the British Sociological Association (BSA) Conference in Cardiff, September 2008. 

‘Evaluation of CPS Domestic Violent Pilots in Croydon and Gwent’: Findings from the Interim Report presented at the ‘Local Findings, National Learning’ Conference at Cardiff City Hall, September 2004.

‘Victim Experiences with Specialist Domestic Violence Courts in the UK’ presented at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) Conference in Nashville, USA in November 2004.