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Research Profile

Prof Helen Sampson 

Recent Publications


Bloor, M., Sampson, H., Baker, S., Dahlgren, K. (2013) ' The instrumental use of technical doubts: Technological controversies, investment decisions and air pollution controls in the global shipping industry ' Science and Public Policy, doi: 10.1093/scipol/sct050.

Bloor, M., Sampson, H., Baker, S., Dahlgren, K. (2013) 'The instrumental use of technical doubts: technological controversies, investments and pollution in the shipping industry', Science and Public Policy.

Bloor, M., Sampson, H., Baker, S., Walters, D., Dahlgren, K., Wadsworth, E., James, P. (2013) 'Room for Manoeuvre? Regulatory Compliance in the Global Shipping Industry', Social & Legal Studies, 22 (2): 171-189.

Sampson H (2012) "Globalization, labour market transformation, and migrant marginalisation:  the example of transmigrant seafarers in Germany", Journal of International Migration and Integration, (DOI) 10.1007/s12134-012-0266-0

Bloor, M., Sampson, H. (2012) ‘The effectiveness of Global Regulation in the shipping industry: a critical case study’, Revista Latino-americana de Estudos do Trabalho (RELET), 17(28): 45-72.

Tang, L. and Sampson, H. (2012) 'The interaction between mass media and the Internet in non-democratic states: the case of China', Media Culture & Society, 34 (4) 457-471

Sampson, H. (2011) 'Spilling oil, spilling blood: Cost and corporate decision making concerning safe working practices', Policy and Practice in Health and Safety, Vol 9, Issue 1, pp17-32(16).

Sampson, H., Gekara,V.O., Bloor, M. (2011) ‘Water-tight or sinking? A consideration of the standards of the contemporary assessment practices underpinning seafarer licence examinations and their implications for employers’, Maritime Management & Policy, 38(1): 81-92.

Gekara, V., Bloor, M., Sampson, H. (2011) 'Computer-based Assessment in Safety-Critical Industries: The Case of Shipping', Journal of Vocational Education & Training, 63(1): 87-100

Ellis, N., Bloor, M., Sampson, H. (2010) ‘Patterns of Seafarer Injuries’, Maritime Policy & Management, 37(2): 121-128.

Bloor, M., Fincham, B., Sampson, H. (2010) ‘Unprepared for the worst: risks of harm for qualitative researchers’, Methodological Innovations, 5(1) 45-55.

Bloor, M., Sampson, H. (2009) ‘Regulatory enforcement of labour standards in an outsourcing globalized industry: the case of the shipping industry’, Work, Employment & Society, 23(4): 711-726, Sage, ISSN 0905-0170.

Sampson, H., Bloor, M., Fincham, B. (2008) 'A Price Worth Paying? Considering the 'Cost' of Reflexive Research Methods and the Influence of Feminist Ways of 'Doing', Sociology, 42(5): 919-933.

Sampson, H. and Bloor, M. (2007) “When Jack gets out the box: the problems of regulating a global industry” Sociology, 41(3): 551-569.

Sampson, H., Schroeder, T. (2006) ‘In the Wake of the Wave: globalization, networks, and the experiences of transmigrant seafarers in Northern Germany’, Global Networks, 6(1): 61-80.

Sampson, H. (2005) ‘Left High and Dry? The lives of women married to seafarers in Goa and Mumbai’, Ethnography, 6(1): 61-85 .

Wu, B., Sampson, H. (2005) ‘Reconsidering the Cargo Sector’s Seafarer Labor Market: A 21st Century Profile of Global Seafarers’, Ocean Yearbook, 19: 357-380, Chicago: University of Chicago.

Sampson, H. (2004) ‘Navigating the waves: the usefulness of a pilot in qualitative research’ Qualitative Research, 4(3): 383-402.

Sampson, H. (2004) ‘Romantic Rhetoric, Revisionist Reality: the effectiveness of regulation in maritime training’ Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 56(2): 245-267.

Sampson, H., Wu, B. (2003) ‘Compressing Time and Constraining Space: The Contradictory Effects of ICT and Containerisation on International Shipping Labour’ International Review of Social History, 48: 123-152.

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Sampson, H., Thomas, M. (2003) ‘Lone Researchers at Sea: gender, risk and responsibility’ Qualitative Research, 3(2): 165-189.

Sampson, H. (2003) ‘Transnational Drifters or Hyperspace Dwellers: An exploration of the lives of Filipino seafarers aboard and ashore’ Ethnic and Racial Studies Vol. 26 No. 2 pp 253-277.

Thomas, M., Sampson, H., Zhao, M. (2003) ‘Finding a balance: companies, seafarers and family life’ Maritime Policy Management Vol. 30, NO. 1, pp 59-76.

Sampson, H., Zhao, M. (2003) ‘Multilingual crews: communication and the operation of ships’ World Englishes Vol. 22 NO 1, pp 31-45.



Sampson, H. (2013) 'International seafarers and transnationalism in the twenty-first century', Manchester University Press (MUP), ISBN 9780719088681.

Alderton, T., Bloor, M., Kahveci, E., Lane, T., Sampson, H., Thomas, M., Winchester, N., Wu, B., Zhao, M. (2004) The global seafarer: living and working conditions in a globalized industry, 224 pp, ILO, Geneva, ISBN 92-2-112713-3.

Belcher, P., Lane A.D., Sampson H., Thomas, M., Veiga, J., Zhao, M. (2003) Women Seafarers: Global Employment Policies and Practices, Geneva: ILO, ISBN 92-2-113491-1.


Chapters in Books/Articles Reproduced in Books

Sampson, H. (forthcoming) 'Seafarers', Globalization in Practice: An A-Z Guide, Oxford University Press (OUP).

Sampson, H, and Thomas, M (2013) ‘Lone Researchers at Sea: Gender, Risk and Responsibility’, Barry Smart, Kay Peggs, Joseph Burridge, (eds.) Observation Methods: Benchmarks in Social Research Methods, Sage, ISBN:  978-1-4462-0811-3, pp 165-189.

Sampson, H. (2006) ‘Transnational drifters or hyperspace dwellers: an exploration of the lives of Filipino seafarers aboard and ashore’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 26 (2), March, 253-277, reproduced in H Beynon and T Nichols (Eds) (2006) Patterns of Work in the Post Fordist Era, Fordism and Post-Fordism, Volume II, Cheltenham:  Edward Elgar, 612-636, ISBN 1-84542-324-0.

Thomas, M., Sampson, H., Zhao, M. (2005) ‘Finding a balance: companies, seafarers and family life’, International Maritime Transport:Perspectives, edited by H Leggate, J McConville, A Morvillo, Routledge, January 2005, pp 89-109.


SIRC Reports

Bloor, M., Baker, S., Sampson, H., Dahlgren, K. (2013), ‘Effectiveness of international regulation of pollution controls: the case of the governance of ship emissions’, Cardiff University, ISBN: 1-900174-44-8

Bloor, M., Baker, S., Sampson, H., Dahlgren, K. (2013) ‘Issues in the Enforcement of Future International Regulations on Ships’ Carbon Emissions’, Cardiff University, ISBN: 1-900174-45-6

Ellis, N., Sampson, H., Acejo, I., Tang, L., Turgo, N., Zhao, Z. (2012) 'Seafarer Accommodation on Contemporary Cargo Ships', Cardiff, December, ISBN 1-900174-43-X, online at

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson H. (2012) 'Exploring differences in perceptions of risk, and its management, amongst personnel directly associated with the operation of ships', SIRC Publication, April, ISBN 1-900174-42-1

Sampson, H., Tang, L. (2011) 'New Shipboard Technology and Training Provision for Seafarers', SIRC Publication, October, ISBN 1-900174-41-3, online at

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2010) Safety and Perceptions of Risk: A Comparison Between Respondent Perceptions and Recorded Accident Data, SIRC Publication, October, ISBN: 1-900174-38-3 and online:

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2008) 'Training and Technology Onboard Ship: How seafarers learned to use the shipboard Automatic Identification System (AIS)', SIRC Publication, July, ISBN: 1-900174-34-0.

Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2008) 'The Global Labour Market for Seafarers Working Aboard Merchant Cargo Ships 2003', SIRC Publication, June, ISBN: 1-900174-35-9.

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2007) 'Perceptions of Risk in the Maritime Industry: Personal Injury', SIRC Publication, October , ISBN: 1-900174-32-4.

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2006) 'Perceptions of Risk in the Maritime Industry: Ship Casualty', SIRC: Cardiff University, August, ISBN: 1-900174-29-4.

Winchester, N., Sampson, H., Shelly, T. (2006) ‘An Analysis of Crewing Levels: Findings from the SIRC Global Labour Market Study’, SIRC: Cardiff University, ISBN: 1-900174-27-8.

Ellis, N., Sampson, H., Aguado, J. C., Baylon, A,, Del Rosario, L., Lim, Y. F., Veiga, J. (2005), What Seafarers think of CBT, SIRC: Cardiff University, ISBN: 1-900174-28-6.


Other Reports

Walters, D.R., Wadsworth, E.J.K., Sampson, H., James, P. (2012) 'The Limits of Influence: the role of supply chains in influencing health and safety management in two sectors', Report submitted to the IOSH Research Committee,

Sampson, H., Ellis, N., Gould. E., Tang, L., Turgo, N., Zhao, Z. (2012) ‘Safety and Shipping 1912-2012’, Report commissioned by Allianz which underpins their subsequent publication ‘Safety and Shipping 1912-2012: From Titanic to Costa Concordia, an insurer’s perspective from Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty’ available from Allianz GCS.

Bloor M, Baker S, Sampson H (2011) Written evidence to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee Enquiry on Sulphur Emissions by Ships

Bailey, N., Ellis, N., Sampson, H. (2010) 'SIRC Report to the PYA on Living and Working Conditions Aboard Yachts', commissioned by the Professional Yachtsmen's Association.

Sampson, H., Gekara, V.O., Bloor, M. (2009) ‘EMSA commissioned study of computer-based assessment in association with the issue of seafarer licences’, Lisbon: EMSA.

Bloor, M., Fincham, B., Sampson, H. (2007) QUALITI (NCRM) Commissioned Inquiry Into the Risk to Well-being of Researchers in Qualitative Research, Cardiff: QUALITI.

Sampson, H. (2007) Report to EMSA on the training capacity of current labour supply countries utilised by operators of EU-flagged vessels (restricted access).