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Research Profile

Prof Emma Renold 

Dr Emma Renold
Position:Professor of Childhood Studies
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 76139
Fax:+44 (0)29 208 74175
contact info:

Address:2.34 Glamorgan Building

Research Interests

Emma Renold is Professor in Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales. She is the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (2005), the co-founder of and was co-editor of the journal Gender and Education (2006-2012). Working with feminist, queer and post-constructionist theories her research explores young gendered and sexual subjectivities across diverse institutional sites and public spaces. Her current research projects include:

  1. exploration of bodies, affect, subjectivity and movement in a community multi-media ethnography of girls’ and boys’ negotiations of place and space in a semi-rural post-industrial locale - KLiC Project – Young People and Place.
  2. qualitative exploration of pre-teen sexualities and relationship cultures (age 10-13) in rural and urban south wales.

Research interests include:

Participatory methodologies with children and young people
Ethnography, creative methods, multi-media/multi-sensory, critical reflexivity, psycho-social.

Young masculinities, femininities and sexualities
Subjectivity;  relationship cultures;  sexualisation debates; gender and education; 'real'/virtual socialities; locality and spatiality.

Marginalisation, pathologisation and young abject subjects
Children in/ leaving care; children, social class and poverty;  gendered/sexualised bullying and violence.

Critical theory
New materialist feminist theory, queer theory, feminist post-constructionist, post-humanist.Cardiff News, February 2012

Research produced by Professor Renold also featured in the February 2012 edition of Cardiff News, where she discusses the impact that an increasingly sexualised culture has on young people, particularly young girls from the South Wales Valleys. An electronic version of the article is available here.

Current Writing

"Hold her down!": exploring the gaming of gender and sexual violence in between boys and girls in the early years (with Naomi Holford and Tuija Huuki)

What can a kiss do?: theorizing the power plays in young children’s sexual cultures (with Naomi Holford, Open University and Tuija Huuki, University of Oulu)

Transversal subjectivity: Applying Deleuze and Guattari's BwO to theorise a young girl's becoming in a post industrial locale (with Gabrielle Ivinson, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University)

“F**k rape!”: Exploring affective intensities in a feminist research assemblage (with Jessica Ringrose, Institute of Education, University of London)

Current Research

Young Sexualities, Equalities and Well-Being (funded by Cardiff University, NSPCC, Children’s Commissioner’s Office for Wales)

Current ESRC Seminar Series

Understandings of the young sexual bodyESRC Seminar series (2012 – 2014) Understandings of the young sexual body

Forthcoming Special Issues

Feminism, Contemporary Girlhood and ‘Sexualization’, Feminist Theory (2013)

Lecture Video

ESRC Seminar series: 'Pornified? Complicating the debates about the sexualisation of culture'
Seminar 5: Girls, Sexuality and Sexualisation: Beyond spectacle and sensationalism.
Dr Emma Renold and Dr. Jessica Ringrose, Institute of Education, University of London:
Theorising and researching teen-girls’ sexual cultures in an era of ‘sexualisation’: beyond the moral panic.