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Research Profile

Dr Fiona Shirani  

Selected Publications

Shirani, F. Henwood, K. and Coltart, C. (2012) Meeting the challenges of intensive parenting culture: gender, risk management and the moral parent. Sociology. 46(1) 25-40.

Henwood, K. and Shirani, F. (2012) Researching the Temporal. In Cooper, H. (Ed) Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology: Volume 2. APA Publications. (Chapter 13, pages 209-224).

Shirani, F. (2011) Working Paper 146: The Centrality of Social Capital - Concepts of Community in the Era of the Big Society. Cardiff University School of Social Sciences Working Paper Series Number 146.

Shirani, F. and Henwood, K. (2011) Taking one day at a time: Temporal experiences in the context of unexpected life course transitions. Time and Society. 20 (1) pp49-68. ISSN: 0961-463X

Henwood, K., Shirani, F. and Finn, M. (2011) “So you think we've moved, changed, the representation got more what?” Methodological and analytical reflections on visual (photo-elicitation) methods used in the Men as Fathers study. In P. Reavey (Ed.) Visual Methods in Psychology: Using and interpreting images in qualitative research. London: Routledge. Chapter 22, pp330-345. ISBN-10: 0415483484. ISBN-13: 978-0415483483

Henwood, K.L., Shirani, F. and Kellet, J. (2011) On delayed fatherhood: the social and subjective logics at work in men’s lives (A UK study). In Beets, G. Schippers, J. and te Velde, E. (Eds.) The Future of Motherhood. Springer. (pp159-175). ISBN: 978-90-481-8968-7.

Shirani, F. and Henwood, K. (2011) Continuity and Change in a qualitative longitudinal study of fatherhood: Relevance without responsibility. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. 14 (1) pp17-29. ISSN: 1364-5579.

Henwood, K. Shirani, F. and Coltart, C. (2010) Fathers and financial risk-taking during the economic downturn: Insights from a QLL study of men’s identities-in-the-making. Contemporary Social Science (formerly 21st Century Society). 5 (2) 137-147

Shirani, F. (2010) Researcher change and continuity in a qualitative longitudinal study: The impact of personal characteristics. In Shirani, F. and Weller, S. (eds) Timescapes Working Paper Series 2. Conducting Qualitative Longitudinal Research: Fieldwork Experiences.

Shirani, F. (2009) Adhering to the conventional sequence: Men’s accounts of first-time fatherhood. Cardiff School of Social Sciences Working Paper 126: Postgraduate Café Papers 2009

Shirani, F. Henwood, K. and Coltart, C. (2009) Men’s Experiences of Antenatal Services: Findings from the ‘Men as Fathers’ Study. Research Report

Henwood, K.L., Finn, M. and Shirani, F. (2008). “Use of visual methods to explore paternal identities in historical time and social change: Reflections from the ‘men-as-fathers’ project”, Qualitative Researcher, Issue 9, September, pp2-5.

Khan, A. Shirani, F. Jewson, N. Felstead, A. Fuller, A. Kakavelakis, K. And Unwin, L. (2008) ’The Prawn Sandwich Will Live Forever’: Learning to Innovate in Commercial Sandwich Production. Learning as Work Research Paper No.17

Elliott, E. Shirani, F. Williams, G. (2008) Final Report on the sustainability and legacy of Healthy Living Centres in Wales.  A Report to the Department for Public Health and Health Professions.  Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Working Paper Series, Paper 115, ISBN 978-1-904815-76-1

Moore, L. Best, C. West, F. Roberts, J. Cohen, D. Louis, H. (2007) Evaluation of Specialist Smoking Cessation Services in Wales. Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Working Paper Series, Paper 92, ISBN 978-1-904815-61-7

In Press/Forthcoming

Shirani, F. Henwood, K. and Coltart, C. (in press) ‘Why aren’t you at work?’ Negotiating economic models of fathering identity. Fathering

Shirani, F. (in press) The spectre of the wheezy dad. Sociology

Shirani, F. Butler, C. Henwood, K. Parkhill, K. and Pidgeon. N. (in press) Disconnected Futures: