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Research Profile

Prof Mike Maguire 

Selected Publications 2001-10

2001  Kemshall H and MaguireM, ‘Public Protection, Partnership and Risk Penality: The Multi-Agency Risk Management of Sexual and Violent Offenders’ Punishment and Society: The International Journal of Penology, 5, 2, 237-264.

2001 Miers D, Maguire M, Goldie S, Sharpe K, Hale C, Netten A, Uglow S, Doolin K, Hallam A, Enterkin J and Newburn T.  An Exploratory Evaluation of Restorative Justice Schemes.  Crime Reduction Series Paper 9,  London: Home Office.

2002    Obando-Rojas B, Bloor M, Lane T, Badigannavar V, Maguire M and Welsh, I.,  ‘The political economy of fraud in a globalised industry: the case of seafarers’ certifications’.  Sociological Review.   52, 3: 295-313

2003  Maguire, M. and Hopkins, M. ‘Data analysis for problem-solving: alcohol and city centre violence.’  In Bullock, K. and Tilley, N. (eds)  Crime Reduction and Problem-Oriented Policing

2004  Levi, M. and Maguire, M.  ‘Reducing and Preventing Organised crime: An Evidence-Based Critique’  Crime, Law and Social Change: 41, 397-469. 

2004  Maguire, M.  ‘The Crime Reduction Programme: Reflections on the Vision and the Reality’ Criminal Justice, 4, 3, 213-238..

2005  Brookman, F. and Maguire, M.  ‘Reducing Homicide in the UK: A Review of the Possibilities’ Crime, Law and Social Change  42, 1-79. 

2006 Raynor, P. and Maguire, M.  ‘End-to- end or end in tears?  Prospects for the effectiveness of the National Offender Management Model’ in M. Hough, R. Allen and U.Padel (eds)  Reshaping Probation and Prisons: The New Offender Management Framework.  Bristol: Policy Press.  

2006 Maguire, M. and Raynor, P. ‘How the Resettlement of Prisoners Promotes Desistance from Crime: Or Does It?’  Criminology and Criminal Justice, 6 (1), 17-36.

2006  Maguire, M. and John, T.  ‘Intelligence Led Policing, Managerialism and Community Engagement: Competing Priorities and the Role of the National Intelligence Model in the UK’.  Policing and Society, 16, 1, 67-85.

2006  Clancy, A., Hudson, K., Maguire, M., Peake, R., Raynor, P. Vanstone, M. and Kynch, J.  Getting Out and Staying Out: Results of the Prisoner Resettlement Pathfinders.  Bristol: Policy Press.

2007 Maguire M, Morgan R, Reiner R (editors) The Oxford Handbook of Criminology.  Fourth edition.  Oxford University Press.

2007  Lewis, S., Maguire, M., Raynor, P., Vanstone, M., Vennard, J.  ‘What Works in Resettlement? Findings from Seven Pathfinders for Short-term Prisoners in England and Wales’  Criminology and Criminal Justice, Vol 7 (1), 33-53.

2007 Maguire, M. and Nolan, J.  ‘Accommodation and related services for ex-prisoners’.  In A. Hucklesby and L Hagley-Dickinson (eds) Prisoner Resettlement: Policy and Practice. Devon: Willan.

2008  Maguire, M. ‘Criminal Investigation and Crime Control.’  In Newburn, T. (ed) Handbook of Policing.  Second edition.  Devon: Willan. 

2009  Rix, A., Maguire, M., Joshua, F. and Morton, S.  Improving Public Confidence in the Police: A Review of the Evidence.  Home Office Research Report No. 28.   London: Home Office.

2010  Bennett, T., Brookman, F., Pierpoint, H., Maguire, M (eds)  Handbook on Crime,  Devon: Willan.

2010  Maguire, M., Holloway, K., Liddle, M., Gordon, F., Gray, P., Smith, A. and Wright, S.  Evaluation of the Transitional Support Scheme. Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government.

2010 Maguire, M. and Raynor, P. ‘Prospects and possibilities for offender management’ in  Brayford, J., Cowe, F., and Deering, J. What Else Works? Creative Work with Offenders and Other Socially Excluded People.  Devon: Willan

2010  Maguire, M. Grubin, D., Losel, F. and Raynor, P. ‘What Works and the Correction Services Accreditation Panel: An Insider Perspective’  Criminology and Criminal Justice, Vol 10, 1, 37-58.


Selected Earlier Publications

1982 Maguire, M. Burglary in a Dwelling: the Offence, the Offender and the Victim. London: Heinemann.

1987 Maguire, M. and Corbett, C. The Effects of Crime and the Work of Victims Support Schemes. Aldershot: Gower.

1991 Maguire, M. and Corbett, C. A Study of the Police Complaints System. London: HMSO.

1991 Maguire, M. "The Needs and Rights of Victims of Crime" Crime and Justice, Vol 14, 165-89. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

1992 Maguire, M. and Norris, C. The Conduct and Supervision of Criminal Investigations. Research Study No. 5. London: Royal Commission on Criminal Justice.