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Research Profile

Prof Michael Levi 

Career Profile

  • 1991-         Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University;
  • 1989-1991: Reader in Criminology, University of Wales, Cardiff;
  • 1987-1989: Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University College, Cardiff;
  • 1975-1987: Lecturer in Criminology, University College Cardiff.

Awards and Prizes

International Association for the Study of Organized Crime (IASOC) 2013 Distinguished Scholar Award

ESRC Professorial Fellowship 2007-2010

Memberships / External Activities

Learned Societies:

  • Elected to Association for Learned Societies in Social Sciences (2006-)
  • Member of Executive Committee and Council, British Society of Criminology 1990-2005
  • Member, Council of Europe Criminological and Scientific Council
  • Chair Wales & the West branch, British Society of Criminology (1995-2005)
  • Elected to Board of European Society of Criminology 2006-8
  • Programme Planning Committee, American Society of Criminology 2006-7
  • Fellows Committee, American Society of Criminology, 2006-7
  • Board member, European Society of Criminology

Other “Evidence of Esteem” 2002-2008 e.g. consultancies, journal editorships, membership of national and international research bodies, advice to government etc:

  • 2013- Member, US National Academy of Sciences Committee, Illicit Tobacco Market: Collection and Analysis of the International Experience
  • 2012- President, US National White-Collar Crime Research Consortium
  • 2011- Member, Group of Experts on Corruption, European Commission
  • 2011- Non-executive member, Independent Crime Statistics Advisory Committee, UK Statistics Authority and ONS
  • 2011- Member, Worshipful Company of Security Professionals
  • 2011- Advisory Board, Transparency International National Integrity Study
  • 2011-  Member, Economics and Resource Analysis Unit Advisory Panel on Security and Civil Liberties, Home Office
  • 2010- Member, Organised Crime Council, World Economic Forum
  • 2010- Member, Peer Review College, Economic and Social Research Council
  • 2010- Advisor, Identity Crime Strategic Threat Assessment, National Fraud Authority
  • 2009- Member, Economics and Resource Analysis Unit Advisory Panel on Crime and Policing, Home Office
  • 2009- Member, Expert Group for Review of Serious Organised Crime, Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, UK
  • 2009- Advisory Panel, Audit Commission review of Protecting the Public Purse
  • 2008-2010 Advisory Panel, UK Drug Policy Commission
  • 2007-2008  Member, EC Money Laundering Statistics Sub-Group
  • 2007-  Member, EC Proceeds of Crime Confiscation Expert Working Group and Asset Recovery Office Working Group
  • Awarded the American Society of Criminology Division of International Criminology's Outstanding Achievement Award
  • ESRC representative on ESRC/EPSRC team assessing research proposals on technology and crime reduction (MIAP initiative)
  • Editor in chief, Criminology and Criminal Justice (official journal of British Society of Criminology)
  • Senior criminology editor, Crime, Law and Social Change.
  • Editorial board member: British Journal of Criminology; European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research; Global Crime; Howard Journal of Criminal Justice; and Security Journal
  • Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Law & Society
  • Reviewer for international journals including Australia & New Zealand Journal of Criminology and Law & Society Review, as well as for some international NGOs and international publishers such as Oxford UP (UK and US), McGill University Press (Canada), Edward Elgar, Kluwer, Sage, Springer.
  • Reviewer of research proposals for Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Killam Fellowships, ESRC, Arts & Humanities Board, Leverhulme.
  • External Member, Cambridge Institute of Criminology Teaching and Learning Review
  • External adviser, LSE Promotions Committee
  • Requested referee by several Australian and US Universities (e.g. ANU, Boston, California at Irvine, Melbourne, Penn State) for promotions to Full Professorship.
  • Chair, Wales & West of England Branch, Executive Committee and Council, British Society of Criminology
  • Committee Member, Association for Combating Fraud in Europe
  • UK academic representative, Falcone Organised Crime Research Committee of European Commission     
  • Scientific Expert Advisor to Council of Europe on Organised Crime
  • Honorary Fellow, Society of Advanced Legal Studies
  • Adviser to the Statistics Commission on measurement of financial and organised crime (member of ‘Scientific College’)
  • Adviser to Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit on confiscation of proceeds of crime.
  • Elected sole British member of Council of Europe’s Criminological and Scientific Research Committee
  • Member, Council of Europe Reflections Committee on the 1990 Money-Laundering Convention
  • Consultant to the Commission for Africa on the prevention and recovery of the proceeds of corruption
  • Organised academic seminars for senior management of Serious and Organised Crime Agency
  • Senior policy adviser on law enforcement issues, Transparency International
  • Member of Law Society Money Laundering Task Force
  • Specialist Parliamentary Adviser, Welsh Affairs Committee, on Policing and Anti-Social Behaviour in Wales
  • Member, Home Office Consultative Group on Identity Fraud
  • National Audit Office panel for the National Audit Office and HM Treasury Guide: Good Practice in Tackling External Fraud
  • Fraud Advisory Panel’s Sub-Committee Reviewing Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives in the UK
  • Expert Advisory Group to UK Information Commissioner
  • Invited to participate in Cybercrime Foresight Panel work for DTI
  • Reviewer of Council of Europe’s Annual Organised Crime Report
  • Interviewee for Organised Crime Threat Assessment Reports by Europol and by the US National Intelligence Committee.