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Research Profile

Prof Trevor Jones 

Selected Publications

Published Books

Tourism and Crime: Key Themes Oxford: Goodfellow Publishing (2010) Edited (with D. Botterill)

Plural Policing: A Comparative Perspective. London: Routledge (2006) Edited (with T. Newburn)

Policy Transfer and Criminal Justice: Exploring US influence over British crime control. Buckingham: Open University Press (2007) (with T. Newburn)

Private Security and Public Policing.  Oxford: Clarendon Press (1998) (with T. Newburn)

Policing After the Act: Police Governance after the 1994 Police and Magistrates’ Courts Act. London: Policy Studies Institute (1997) (with T. Newburn)

Britain’s Ethnic Minorities: An analysis of the Labour Force Survey. London: Policy Studies Institute (1996) (Second Edition)

Policing and Democracy in the Netherlands. London: Policy Studies Institute (1995)

Democracy and Policing. London: Policy Studies Institute (with T. Newburn and D.J. Smith)


Published and Forthcoming Refereed Papers

Insight into ill-treatment in the workplace: patterns, causes and solutions (2011) R. Fevre, A. Robinson, T. Jones and D. Lewis

Work Fit For All - Disability, Health And The Experience Of Negative Treatment In The British Workplace (2008) R. Fevre, A. Robinson, T. Jones and D. Lewis, London: Equality and Human Rights Commission.

‘Pluralisation of policing in England & Wales and the Netherlands: Exploring similarity and difference’. Policing and Society 19(3) (2009) (with R. van Steden and H. Boutellier) 

‘Le managérialisme et la nature des réformes policières en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles’, Revue Française de Science Politique, 49(6) (2009) (with T. Newburn)

‘National Standards, Local Delivery: Police Reform in England and Wales’. German Policy Studies 5(2) (2009) (with A. van Sluis)

‘Symbolizing Crime Control: Reflections on Zero Tolerance’, Theoretical Criminology 11(2) (2007) (with T. Newburn)

 ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out: Exploring Symbol and Substance in American and British Crime Control Politics’. British Journal of Criminology 46(5) (2006) (with T. Newburn)

 ‘Symbolic Politics and Penal Populism: The Long Shadow of Willie Horton’. Crime, Media, Culture 1(1)  (2005) (with T. Newburn)

‘Comparative Criminal Justice Policymaking in the US and UK: The Case of Private Prisons’. British Journal of Criminology 45(1) (2004) (with T. Newburn)

‘Policy Convergence and Crime Control in the USA and UK: Steams of Influence and Levels of Impact’. Criminal Justice 2 (2) (2002) (with T. Newburn)

‘The Transformation of Policing? Understanding Current Trends in Policing Systems’. British Journal of Criminology 41(1)  (2002) (with T. Newburn)

‘Learning from Uncle Sam: Exploring US Influence on British Crime Control Policy’. Governance 15(1) (2002) (with T. Newburn)

‘Policy Convergence and Crime Control in the USA and UK: Steams of Influence and Levels of Impact’. Criminal Justice 2(2) (2002) (with T. Newburn)

‘Urban Change and Policing: Mass Private Property Re-Considered’. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 7(2) (1999) (with T. Newburn)

 ‘Policing and the idea of democracy’, British Journal of Criminology 36(2) (1996) (with T. Newburn and D.J. Smith) 

‘Local Government and Policing: Arresting the decline in local influence’, Local Government Studies 21(3) (1995) (with T. Newburn)


Chapters in Edited Collections

‘Public opinion, politics and the response to youth crime’, in D.J. Smith (ed) A New Response to Youth Crime, Cullompton: Willan (2010)

‘Governing Security in Tourist Spaces’, in D. Botterill and T. Jones (eds) Tourism and Crime: Key Themes, Oxford: Goodfellow Publishing (2010)

‘Policing’, in C. Hale et al. (eds) Criminology. Oxford: Oxford University Press (Second Edition) (2009)

‘The Accountability of Policing’. In T. Newburn (ed) The Handbook of Policing. Cullompton: Willan  (Second Edition) (2008)

‘The Governance of Security: Pluralization, Privatization and Polarization in Crime Control’. In Maguire, M., Morgan, R. and Reiner, R. (eds) Oxford Handbook of Criminology. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2007)