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Research Profile

Dr Raya Jones 

Selected Publications


Jones R A & Morioka M (Eds.) (2011) Jungian and Dialogical Self Perspectives London: Palgrave

Jones R A (Ed.) (2010) Body, Mind and Healing after Jung: A Space of Questions. London: Routledge

Stein M & Jones R A (Eds.) (2010) Cultures and Identities in Transition: Jungian Perspectives. London: Routledge

Jones R A, Clarkson A, Congram S, and Stratton N (Eds.) (2008) Education and Imagination: Post-Jungian Perspectives. London: Routledge

Jones R A (2007) Jung, Psychology, Postmodernity. London: Routledge

Jones R A (1995) The Child-School Interface: Environment and Behaviour. London: Cassell


Selected Journal Articles

Jones R A (2012) ‘On the ‘Art and Science’ of Personal Transformation: Some critical reflections’ Educational Philosophy and Theory 44(1), 18-26

Jones R A (2011) ‘Storytelling scholars and the mythic child: Rhetorical aesthetics in two case studies’ Culture & Psychology 17, 339–358

Jones R A (2010) “Talking Brought Me Here” Affordances of Fiction for the Narrative Self' Theory & Psychology, 20, 549-567 

Jones R A (2007) A Discovery of Meaning: The case of C. G. Jung’s house dream Culture & Psychology  13(2), 203-230

Jones R A (2005) Identity Commitments in Personal Stories of Mental Illness on the Internet Narrative Inquiry 15(2), 293-322

Jones R A (2004) The science and meaning of the self Journal of Analytical Psychology 49, 219-235

Jones R A (2003) Mixed metaphors and narrative shifts: archetypes Theory & Psychology 13, 651-672

Jones R A (2003) The construction of Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Educational Psychology in Practice 19, 147-157

Jones R A (2002) The necessity of the unconscious Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 32, 345-366

Jones R A (2001) Psychological Value and Symbol Formation Theory & Psychology 11, 233-254

Jones R A (1999) Direct perception and symbol forming in positioning. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 29, 37-58

Jones R A (1997) The presence of self in the person: Reflexive positioning and personal construct psychology, Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 27:102-119