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Research Profile

Prof Gordon Hughes 

Selected Publications


(forthcoming) Sociology and Crime, London, Sage

2010 Understanding Crime Prevention: Social Control, Risk and Late Modernity, London, McGraw Hill (Chinese translation)

2007 The Politics of Crime and Community, Basingstoke, Palgrave/MacMillan

1998 Understanding Crime Prevention: Social Control, Risk and Late Modernity, Buckingham, Open University Press


The Politics of Crime and Community (2007) 2007 The Politics of Crime and Community, Basingstoke, Palgrave/MacMillan

‘This book represents a landmark in the development of a coherent progressive alternative to much of the current discourse and practice surrounding crime and community.  It could well become a classic in rescuing the idea of community for criminology’.  WG Carson, Professorial Research fellow, University of Melbourne.

‘In an era in which crime and its control are increasingly politicized, it is vital that criminologists offer a critical, analytical guide to the most up-to-date developments.  Gordon Hughes’ latest book, ‘The Politics of Crime and Community’, does just that and more’ Professor Tim Newborn, London School of Economics.

‘a refreshing and insightful analysis of the problems and possibilities of the turn to community in relation to the problem of crime…Moreover it lays down a gauntlet to all those who claim the label of criminologists to consider what it is they do and whether or not anyone should listen to them’.  Professor Sandra Walklate, Liverpool University


Edited Books

2003 with E McLaughlin, R Fergusson and L Westmarland Restorative Justice: Critical Issues, London, Sage

2003 with J Muncie and E McLaughlin Criminological Perspectives, Third Edition, London, Sage

2002 with J Muncie and E McLaughlin Youth Justice: Critical Readings, London, Sage

2002 with Adam Edwards Crime Control and Community: The New Politics of Public Safety, Cullompton, Willan Publications

2002 with E McLaughlin and J Muncie Crime Prevention and Community Safety: New Directions, London, Sage

2000 with R Fergusson Ordering Lives: Family, Work and Welfare, London, Routledge

1998 Imagining Welfare Futures, London, Sage

1998 with Gail Lewis Unsettling Welfare: The Reconstruction of Social Policy, London, Sage.


Recent Journal Articles

2013 ‘Urban Security in Europe: Findings from the Urbis Policy Delphi’ European Journal of Criminology, forthcoming (with A. Edwards and N. Lord)

2013 ‘Powers, Liabilities and Expertise in Community Safety: Comparative lessons from Britain and Ireland’ European Journal of Criminology, forthcoming (with M Bowden, A. Edwards, D. Gilling, A. Henry and J. Topping).

2012 ‘Public safety regimes: negotiated orders and political analysis in criminology’,  Criminology and Criminal Justice (on-line first) (with A. Edwards)

2011 ‘RSPCA and the criminology of social control’, Crime, Law and Social Change, 55: 375-389. (with C. Lawson)

2010 ‘Sociological Criminology and Comparative Youth Justice Policy: Analysis and Intervention’ Criminology and Criminal Justice, 10: 2.  (with B. Goldson).

2007  ‘Community cohesion, asylum seeking and the question of the ‘stranger’’, Cultural Studies, 21 (6).

2007 ‘Neighbourhood policing and community safety: Researching the instabilities of the local governance of crime, disorder and security in contemporary UK’ Criminology and Criminal Justice, 7:4, 2007 (with M. Rowe)

2006 ‘I community safety manager in Inghilterra e Galles: vers una nuova competenza professionale nel governo della criminalita, del disordine e della sicurezza’?  Dei Delitti e Delle Pene (Of Crimes and Punishment), Special Edition, New Actors in the Safety Politics of Europe

2005 ‘Comparing the governance of safety in Europe: a geo-historical approach’, Theoretical Criminology, 9 (3) (with A Edwards)

2004 ‘Communities, crime prevention and the politics of articulation’ Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 37 (3).

2004 ‘Straddling adaptation and denial: crime and disorder reduction partnerships in England and Wales’, Cambrian Law Review, Special Issue: The Control Complex and the Re-orientation of Justice, 37.

2004 ‘"Mission impossible?": The habitus of the community safety manager’, Criminal Justice, 4(2) (with D Gilling).

2004 ‘The community governance of crime, justice and safety: challenges and lesson-drawing’ British Journal of Community Justice, 3(1).

2004 ‘Publiek-privatesamenwerking bij de aanpak van criminaliteit en gewelt in England and Wales’ (Public-private partnerships focused on criminality and security in England and Wales), Justitiele Verkenningen (Justice Explorations), Special Edition: The New Safety Culture, 7.

2002 ‘De toekomst van misdadbestrijding en publieke veiliheld’ (‘The futures of crime control and public safety’), Justitiele Verkenningen (Justice Expolorations) Special Edition, The Future of Crime Control. Co-author with McLaughlin and Muncie.

2001 ‘The Permanent Revolution: New Labour, New Public Management and the Modernization of Criminal Justice’, Criminal Justice, 2 (2). Co-author with E. McLaughlin and J. Muncie.

2001 Crime and disorder audits and strategies: exorcising the wicked issue of community safety’, Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal, 2001, vol 3, no. 3, 1-18.


Recent Chapters

2013  ‘Crime Prevention and Public Safety in Europe: Challenges for Comparative Criminology’ (Edwards, Hughes and Lord) in Routledge Handbook of European Criminology (Body Gendrot et al, eds)

2012 ‘Fragmentation and  interconnection in contemporary community safety governance in the Netherlands, Belgium and England’. Co-authored with R. Prins, A Cachet and P Ponsaers. In M Fenger and V Bekkers, Beyond fragmentation and interconnectivity: public governance and the search for connective capacity, IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 19-43.

2011 ‘The politics of criminological research’ in P Davies et al. (ds) Doing Criminological Research, London, Sage, 2011.

2010 ‘Fragmentation and  interconnection in contemporary community safety governance in the Netherlands, Belgium and England’. Co-authored with R. Prins, A Cachet and P Ponsaers.

2010 ‘Tourism and Crime Prevention’ in T Jones (ed) Tourism and Criminology.

2009 ‘Community safety and the management of “problem populations”’ in Mooney, G and Neal, S (eds) Community, Open University Press.

2009 ‘Governing the social: community safety and the problem of the stranger’ in P. Noxolo and J Huysmans (eds) Insecurity, Community and the Politics of Terror, Bristol, Policy Press.  See also SOCSI Working Paper 110.

2009 ‘The preventive turn and the promotion of safer communities in England and Wales: political inventiveness and governmental instabilities’ in A Crawford (ed)  Crime Prevention in Comparative Perspective, Cullompton, Willan Publishing. Co-authored with A Edwards.

2009 ‘Inventing Community Safety’ in P Carlen (ed) Imaginary Penalities, Cullompton, Willan Publishing. Co-authored with A Edwards. See also SOCSI working paper 105.

‘Crime Prevention in Context’ in N. Tilley (ed) Handbook of Crime Prevention and Community Safety, Willan Publishing, 2004. Co-authored with A Edwards.

‘Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Crime and Disorder reduction’ in J. Muncie and D. Wilson (eds) Cavendish Handbook of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Cavendish, 2003.