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Research Profile

Prof John Fitz 

Selected Publications

Recent publications:

Fitz, J., Davies, W.B. and Evans, J. (2005) Education Policy and Reproduction, London, RoutledgeFalmer

Taylor, C., Fitz, J. and Gorard, S. (2005) Diversity, specialisation and equity in education, Oxford Review of Education, 31, 1, 47-69

Fitz, J (2003) The politics of accountability: a perspective from England and Wales, Peabody Journal of Education 78 (2003) 230-241

Gorard, S., Fitz, J. and Taylor, C. (2003) Markets, Schools and Stratification, London: Routledge

Fitz, J. Pugsley, L and Taylor, C (2005) Attitudes Towards higher Education, A report for the Independent Investigation group

Fitz, J. Taylor, C., Gorard, S. and White, P. (2002) LEAs and markets: four case studies, Research Papers in Education, 17(2), 1-22.

Fitz, J., Gorard, S. and Taylor, (2002) School admissions after the School Standards and Framework Act: bringing the LEAs back in? Oxford Review of Education 28(2), 373-393

Fitz, J. and Beers, B. (2002) Educational Management Organisations and the privatisation of education in the US and the UK, Comparative Education, 38,2, May, 137-154.

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Selwyn, N. and Fitz, J. (2002) The politics of connectivity: big business and UK educational technology policy, Policy Studies Journal, 24(2) 551-570

Taylor, C., Gorard and Fitz, J. (2002) The modifiable areal unit problem: the relationship between local school arrangements and segregation by poverty, International Studies of Sociology of Education, 12(3), 23-41.

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Lee, J. Fitz, J. & Eke, R. (2000) Talking of quality: the educational discourse of Registered Inspectors, Changing English, 7(2) 128-138.