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Research Profile

Prof Amanda Coffey  

Selected Publications

Recent Publications include

Atkinson P and Coffey A (2011) Analysing documentary realities, in D Silverman (ed) Qualitative Research: Theory, Method and Practice (London: Sage) pp.77-92.

Wiles R, Coffey A,  Robison J  and Prosser J (2012) Ethical regulation and visual methods: Making visual research impossible or developing good practice? Sociological Research Online. 17(1)

Wiles R, Coffey A, Robison J and Heath S (2012 forthcoming) Anonymisation and visual images: issues of respect, 'voice' and protection, International Journal of Social Research Methodology. 15 (1): 41-53


Other Publications Include

Atkinson P and Coffey A (2002) Revisiting the relationship between participant observation and interviewing, in J F Gubrium and J A Holstein (eds) Handbook of Interview Research (Thousand Oaks CA: Sage) pp.801-14.

Atkinson P, Coffey A and Delamont S (2003) Key Themes in Qualitative Research (Walnut Creek CA: Altamira Press).

Atkinson P, Coffey A, Delamont S, Lofland J and Lofland L (eds) (2001) TheHandbook of Ethnography (London: Sage).

Coffey A (1999) The Ethnographic Self: Fieldwork and the Representation of Identity (London: Sage).

Coffey A (2001) Education and Social Change (Buckingham: Open University Press).

Coffey A (2002) Ethnography and self: reflections and representations, in T May (ed) Qualitative Research in Action (London: Sage) pp.313-31. 

Coffey A (2004) Reconceptualizing Social Policy: Sociological Perspectives on Contemporary Social Policy (London: McGraw Hill/Open University Press).

Coffey A and Atkinson P (1996) Making Sense of Qualitative Data: Complementary Strategies (Thousand Oaks CA: Sage).

Coffey A and Delamont S (2000) Feminism and the Classroom Teacher: research, praxis and pedagogy (London: Routledge/Falmer).

Coffey A, Renold E, Dicks B, Soyinka B and Mason B (2006) Hypermedia ethnography in educational settings, Ethnography and Education, 1(1): 15-30

Dicks B, Mason B, Coffey A and Atkinson P (2005) Qualitative Research and Hypermedia (London: Sage).

Dicks B, Mason B, Williams M and  Coffey A  (2006) Ethnography and data reuse: issues of context and hypertext, Methodological Innovations Online (Special issue: Making qualitative data more re-usable: issues of context and representation), 1, 2.

Dicks B, Soyinka B and Coffey A (2006) Multimodal ethnography, Qualitative Research, 6 (1):  pp 77- 96

Hall T and Coffey A (2007)  Learning selves and citizenship: Gender and youth transitions, Journal of Social Policy 36 (2): 1-18 

Hall T, Coffey A and Lashua B. (2009). Steps and stages: rethinking transitions in youth and place. Journal of Youth Studies 12 (5): 547-561.

Hall T, Lashua B and Coffey A (2008) Sounds and the everyday in qualitative research, Qualitative Inquiry, 14, 6: 1019-1040

Hall T, Coffey A and Williamson H (1999) Self, space and place: youth identities and citizenship, British Journal of Sociology of Education, 20(4): 501-514.

Hall T, Williamson H and Coffey A (2000) Young people, citizenship and the Third Way, Youth Studies, 3(4): 461-72