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Research Profile

Dr Paul Chaney 

Dr Paul Chaney
School:Social Sciences

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 74459
Fax:+44 (0)29 208 74175
contact info:

Address:1.21 Glamorgan Building

Research Interests

Paul Chaney’s research interests include:

  • Gender and politics;
  • Public and social policy;
  • Contemporary governance;
  • Equality and diversity.

He was the principal investigator on the following projects:

In addition, for the past four years, Paul Chaney has been part of an inter- disciplinary study of initiatives undertaken by the Welsh Assembly Government and the National Assembly for Wales to create ‘Inclusive Governance’.

The study began when the Assembly assumed its powers in 1999 and it has entailed extensive research amongst politicians, civil servants and the organizations of civil society in Wales. One of the most influential outputs of the study has been a report by Paul Chaney and Ralph Fevre on the Equality Policies of the Government of the National Assembly for Wales which has been widely accepted in Britain and Ireland as a helpful aid in the reform of equality law and the statutory equality bodies. The document is available in Welsh and English. Mae'r ddogfen ar gael yng Nghymraeg ac yn Saesneg.

Since 2001 this stream of research has included a project supported by the Economic and Social Research Council: ‘Social Capital and the Participation of Marginalised Groups in Government’ (ESRC Award R000239410).