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Why go to University?

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1: To improve career prospects

Gaining a degree can significantly increase and improve your son or daughter’s career prospects. They will not only have a wider variety of career options to choose from once they have a degree but they are likely to progress much faster up the career ladder. Whilst it would be misleading to claim that a degree guarantees employment, an increasing number of organisations require people to hold degrees before applying.

"I'm pleased to be involved with Cardiff, not least because my job as controller of BBC Wales has significant overlaps with higher education. The BBC is the biggest employer in the creative industries in Wales. We want the best, brightest and most able employees and we look to places like Cardiff University to provide them."

Menna Richards, Controller, BBC Wales

2: To pursue a vocation

Students often choose to study at Higher Education Level to further an interest in a particular subject, or in a particular vocation. Some careers, such as those in medicine, nursing, architecture, law and pharmacy, cannot be practised without a particular vocational degree.

Three Students sat on a couch in the refectory.

3: To earn a larger salary

Statistics show that graduates earn significantly more than those without Higher Education qualifications. As a graduate, your son or daughter’s options will be wider and they’ll find it easier to get into employment and to stay in employment.

4: To develop employable skills

A degree will not only give students in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject, but will also make them more employable, developing skills such as communication, presentation, problem-solving and teamwork.

5: To build self-confidence, independence & responsibility

University will also help students to build their self-confidence and independence, and to develop their ability to stand on their own two feet. They will have the opportunity to pursue different interests through the Students’ Union and will make new friends from different countries and backgrounds.

6: To Study a subject which is enjoyed

Students often choose to study a subject because they have enjoyed it at school or college. Finding out more about something that is enjoyable will show commitment and will often produce excellent results for the students.