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Religion in Contemporary Societies

The key concerns of this group are with religion in the contemporary world, particularly the UK and South Asia, and including both Christianity and other modern religions (especially Islam and Buddhism). The group includes three centres and sub-groups (ISLAM-UK, BAHAR and the Centre for Chaplaincy Studies), nine academic and research staff in RELIG (including an Emeritus professor) and four in our two affiliated Colleges (St Michael's College and the South Wales Baptist College), and several large externally-funded research projects.

Principal areas of focus include

  • health and the body, including work on Asian health and yogic traditions
  • gender and religion
  • religion, politics and economics, including theological ethics
  • religion in contemporary culture
  • the role of religious professionals in modern society, including a major new initiative in chaplaincy studies.

For a list of staff and associates involved in this group click on this link.

Major current and recent externally-funded research projects in this research group include