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Religion in Late Antiquity

This research group is dedicated to the study of Religion in Late Antiquity, especially Christianity, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean world and the Near East. Its interests include the interaction of Christianity with Judaism, Graeco-Roman (‘pagan’) religions and early Islam, and the emergence of the Latin (‘western’) and Syriac Christian traditions.

Since 2005 the group has been incorporated in the Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture (CLARC).


Current research areas include:

  • Society, politics, war and religion in Byzantium and the Christian Orient
  • Cultural and religious change in the Later Roman and Early Byzantine Empire
  • The reception and transformation of the Aristotelian heritage in Syriac Christianity
  • The development and transformation of Early Christian Biblical Exegesis
  • Gnosis, Manichaeism, and 'alternative Christianities' in Late Antiquity
  • The life, works, and thought of Augustine of Hippo, and their reception
  • Saint Jerome as a Biblical and literary scholar, and his reception
  • Historiography in early Christianity and Late Antiquity
  • ‘Pelagianism’ in East and West
  • The Reception of Patristic thought