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Centre members have been invited to speak at a number of conferences, seminars and workshops around the world. Here are some of the highlights:


James Hegarty was invited to give a lecture in the William Wright Lecture Series, where he gave a paper entitled, ‘The Historic Conversations of Gods, Sages and Kings’.  See This was followed by another lecture the following day, which was entitled, ‘From the Himalayas to the Deep South: New Directions in the Study and Translation of the Manuscripts of the Sanskrit Mahabharata’. See


Simon Brodbeck attended the 15th World Sanskrit Conference, Delhi, 5-10 January. Panel Co-Convenor, 'Epics and Puranas' panels. Paper entitled: 'Trishanku, Harishchandra, and the Rajasuya.'  James Hegarty also attended, giving a paper, which was entitled: The Dhammapada, The Mahabharata and the Manava Dharmashastra: A Study in Early South Asian Intertextuality’

Simon Brodbeck attended 'The Power of Sacrifice: Contexts and Representations', Cardiff, 18-19 January. Paper entitled: 'Sacrificial Production of Royal Heirs in the Mahabharata and Ramayana.'

Simon Brodbeck was due to attend the 41st Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, Wisconsin, 11-14 October. Paper entitled: 'A Lineal Interpretation of the Savitri Story, and its Implications for the Pandava Story.' In the event, he couldn't attend the conference, but the paper was read and discussed in his absence.

James Hegarty took up a visiting fellowship at the Lumbini International Research Institute, Nepal (January to July).

James  Hegarty was an invited speaker and panel chair at the International Summit on Epic Studies, Beijing (November 17-18th).

Padma Anagol gave a keynote address to the 21st Annual Conference of Women’s History Network in Cardiff

Padma Anagol CHRA keynote address

Padma Anagol CHRA keynote address



Jaina Narratives Conference at SOAS, London, March 2011

Group photograph of participants in the Jaina Narratives conference.

Naomi Appleton was invited to speak at the annual SOAS conference on Jaina studies, this year themed on narrative traditions. Her paper was entitled ‘Jinas-to-be and Bodhisattvas: Paths to Perfection in Jain and Buddhist Rebirth Narratives’.

Mapping Ancient Near Eastern Masculinities, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, USA, 24th–26th March, 2011.

Simon Brodbeck gave a paper entitled "Mapping Masculinities in the Sanskrit Mahābhārata and Rāmāyaṇa: Towards an Existential Textology".

The Majewski Lecture, Oxford University (May 16th). James Hegarty gave a lecture entitled ‘Telling the World: Exploring the Cultural and Intellectual Agenda of the Mahabharata. See:

28th Annual Seminar on the Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World (STIMW), University of Manchester, 27th May 2011.

Simon Brodbeck gave a paper entitled "The Ancient Indian Rājasūya Revisited".

Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Dharma Drum Buddhist College, nr. Taipei, Taiwan, June 2011.

Both Max Deeg and Naomi Appleton convened panels and gave papers at this key international gathering of Buddhologists.The photo below shows the participants on the Jataka panel, which was convened by Naomi Appleton and Arthid Sheravanichkul (second from right).

Photograph of the participants in the Jataka panel at the 2011 IABS conference.

Sixth Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Purāṇas (DICSEP6), Dubrovnik, Croatia, 15th–20th August, 2011.

Simon Brodbeck gave a paper entitled "Aśvatthāman's Jewel and the Syamantaka in Lineal Perspective".

Ritual Dynamics: Ritual and Narration conference, Heidelberg (November 17-19th). James Hegarty was an invited speaker at this event and spoke on the relationship between Vedic ritual and the narrative structure of the Mahabharata.


Simon Brodbeck visits India, January 2010

Simon Brodbeck was invited to a number of events during a trip to India in January 2010. At a conference entitled "Revisiting Kālidāsa’s Abhijñāna-śākuntalam. Land, Love, Languages: Forms of Exchange in Ancient India", at Miranda House, Delhi University, January 20th–21st, he presented a paper was entitled "The Rejection of Śakuntalā in the Mahābhārata". 
He also gave a paper in the History Seminar at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, on 13th January, entitled "Refuge and Reform: Snakes, Gleaners, and Niṣādas in the Sanskrit Epics"; and an impromptu talk on "Sanskrit Studies in the UK" on the 15th January at the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi; and a more formal talk on 18th January at the Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Delhi, on "Sanskrit Studies in the UK, and my current research".

Lumbinī International Research Institute, Lumbinī, Nepal, January 11th-13th, 2010: Buddhist Pilgrimage in History and Present Times

Max Deeg read a paper entitled ‘To What Extent Do the So-Called Chinese "Pilgrim Records" Reflect Pilgrimage? A Revision of Literary Genre and Its Context’, and James Hegarty read ‘From the Public Imagination of Bhāratavarṣa to the Kaśmīr Valley: Disappearing Bauddhas and the Logic and Power of Pilgrimage in Selected Brahminical Sources.’

Group photograph of speakers at the Lumbini conference 2010.Photograph of Federica Ferlanti giving a paper at the conference in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Chinese University, Hong Kong, September 18th-20th, 2010: International Conference on Urban Cultural Change in Republican China (1910s-1940s): Dialogue between Cultural Narrative and Historical GIS

Federica Ferlanti read a paper entitled ‘City-building, New Life and the ‘Making of the Citizen’ in 1930s Nanchang’.

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, August 9th-11th, 2010: International Conference on Buddhist Narrative in Asia and Beyond

Naomi Appleton was an invited speaker at this exciting conference on Buddhist narrative traditions. She read a paper entitled ‘Continuity or Chaos? Karma and Rebirth in Early Buddhist and Jain Narrative’.

Photograph of the participants in the Bangkok conference 2010.

Second International Indology Graduate Research Symposium, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, 23rd–24th September 2010.

Simon Brodbeck gave the keynote address, entitled "Putrikā Interpretation of the Mahābhārata".

39th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA, 14th–17th October, 2010.

Simon Brodbeck gave a paper entitled "Analytic and Synthetic Approaches in light of the Poona Edition", in a panel entitled "The Critical Edition and its Critics: a Retrospective of Mahābhārata Scholarship".

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 30th October-1st November, 2010.

Simon Brodbeck chaired a panel entitled "The Mahābhārata: End and Endings".



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