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BSLS 2013 conference accommodation

The following is a list of accommodation all within an approximately 20 minute walk of the conference location.

Cardiff is very well served with an overland rail service, which can take you from the city centre to the university in only 4-5 minutes. To do this you should catch a train at Cardiff Central Station (usually Platform 6) and get off 2 stops later at Cathays. If you choose to stay in a hotel near to Central Station this is an especially good option for going to and from the conference venue.

City Centre Hotels:

Holland House Mercure

The Parc Thistle

The Angel

Premier Inn

Park Inn

The Ibis [see Ibis hotels website]

Hotels close to Central Station:


The Big Sleep

The Royal


Guest houses, bed and breakfast, and other types of accommodation

There are numerous guest houses, bed and breakfast, and other types of accommodation that are not hotels within Cardiff city centre (all within up to a 20 minute walk to the conference location). However, the best location for such accommodation is on Cathedral Road. From there you can easily cut across the park to arrive near to all of Cardiff University’s buildings.

Search “accommodation cathedral road cardiff” and you will find numerous options. It does not matter where on Cathedral Road you choose to stay as the park runs the entire length of the road.

One economical option just off Cathedral Road is the accommodation on offer at the Welsh Institute for Sport (also know as Sport Wales National Centre). See the WIS website for details.