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The built environment

The key foci for research in the built environment are the understanding of domestic architecture and the social significance of monumentality.

  • Janett Morgan’s main interest is on agency and the construction of spatial meaning in houses with particular reference to religious behaviour at home and has recently published a book on The Classical Greek House
  • Ruth Westgate is interested in the social and economic implications of Greek and Roman domestic architecture and interior decoration, especially in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.
  • Niall Sharples has published papers and monographs on the monumental houses of Atlantic Scotland, and the later prehistoric houses of southern England was a major theme in his book Social Relations in Later Prehistory.
  • Peter Guest’s fieldwork-based research at the Roman Legionary fortress, Caerleon, explores the impact of Roman architectural traditions on a native environment and is funded by Cadw (£43K), the Roman Research Trust (£5K) and the Haverfield Bequest (£4.5K).
  • James Whitley's fieldwork explores the domestic space at the settlement of Praisos, Crete.